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CamoLite Bundle

We received so much interest in our limited-edition CamoLite Renegade that we brought it back for the holiday season!  We are re-launching it in a limited-edition bundle along with two new CamoLites: the CamoLite Defender and CamoLite Everest.

LuminAID's CamoLite lanterns are perfect for camping, hunting, and emergency preparedness.   The solar charging side is printed with a camouflage pattern to allow for incognito charging during the day, and the lantern side is transparent to allow the bright LED light through when you turn it on at night. Folded up, our CamoLites blend right into your gear. 

Each bundle contains the following:
1x CamoLite Renegade (Woodland Camo Print)
1x CamoLite Defender (Digital Camo Print)
1x CamoLite Everest (Winter Camo Print)

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