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Small but mighty. Compact solar lanterns you can take anywhere.

"The combination of the phone charger and the lantern has been a lifesaver."

— REI, Best Camping Lanterns

Power Lanterns

Powerful solar lanterns that can charge your phone.

Solar Lanterns

Small but mighty. Portable solar lanterns for all adventures.

  Founders Anna Stork and Andrea Sreshta Pitching on Shark Tank


An innovative solution to a critical need.

LuminAID is the world's first inflatable solar lantern. As architecture students, we were inspired to create a sustainable solution for humanitarian aid.

From a student project to Shark Tank.

We got our big break on Shark Tank. Now everyone's getting the bright idea! From camping to your own backyard, there's a LuminAID for every adventure.

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For exploring the great outdoors. Light your next adventure, or charge your phone off-the-grid.

Emergency Prep

Be prepared for a power outage. Long-lasting solar lanterns and chargers for your emergency kit.


Dine under the stars, or build a pillow fort. Make your own adventures at home.

Recommended by 2,500+ Reviewers

I keep buying these for all of my family members.


"I keep buying these for all of my family members and finally bought 2 for myself. Awesome for camping, emergency supplies, or fun backyard lighting."

— Jen M.




Product: Titan 2-in-1 Power Lantern

Completely lights up a room!


"This has been a life saver. It will completely light up a smaller room even on the lower settings and definitely provides relief when you need to power your phone. I also took it on a early morning hike and it made my flashlight look like child's play due to how much light it puts out."

— Steve G.


Product: Max 2-in-1 Power Lantern

Safer than candles in a power outage.


I’ve lost count of how many LuminAID products I’ve bought in the last year. We get lots of power outages in our area and I’ve never felt comfortable using candles for light. LuminAID has solved that problem. I have now bought extras for friends and their kids to take camping."

— Susie S.


Product: Nova Solar Lantern

Easy to use. Actually lives up to the hype.


"Great experience- used for beach camping. Lightweight, easy to carry and easy to charge. Have already bought a second one to give as a gift. Nice to find a product that actually lives up to the hype."

— Tina R.



Product: Firefly 2-in-1 Power Lantern

Our Mission is to make safe, sustainable light available to all.

We're proud to be trusted by nonprofits operating in over 100 countries.

How You Can Get Involved

Join us by sponsoring light for a family in need through our Give Light, Get Light Program.

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