Max Power Lantern 3-Pack

Max Power Lantern 3-Pack

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Maximum Brightness: 150 Lumens
Maximum Runtime: 50 hours
Battery Capacity: 2000mAh (charges 1 phone)

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"Good on a camping trip or just when the electricity cuts out."
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Power lantern charging a phone

Charges Your Phone

Man with lantern on his backpack hiking in wilderness.

Rugged + Durable

Woman holding lantern in dark while smiling.

50 Hours of Light

Lantern floating in water.

Waterproof & Floats

Charges Phones, Cameras, Tablets, and More!

2000mAh internal powerbank can charge:
- Cell Phones (1 charge)
- Digital Cameras (1-2 charges)
- Headlamps (1-2 charges)
- Tablets (partial charge)

Cozy firefly lantern in living room.

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