LuminAID Power Lanterns

As Seen on Shark Tank: LuminAID's Founders Anna Stork and Andrea Sreshta with a Power Lantern Prototype

Designed to Last When Needed Most

LuminAID's innovative new solar phone charger is designed for use in disaster relief, so you can rely on it in your home emergency kit, or light up your next family camping trip. These make great gifts!

These waterproof solar lanterns have a built-in battery pack to charge your phone, and can be easily recharged via solar power or USB.

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“The combination of the phone charger and the lantern has been a lifesaver.”
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Portable Power Everywhere

Charges Phones, Tablets, Cameras, and More!

Compatible with all major cell phones, including iPhone.

Featured Product

Meet the PackLite Titan

Charges phones and device (4000 mAh battery)
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The LuminAID Story

Our Mission is to Make Safe, Sustainable Light Available to All

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! LuminAID Power Lanterns can charge iPhones, as well as Android phones, and other small electronics that use a USB charging cable, like cameras, tablets, and headlamps.

Please note: if your iPhone only has a USB-C cable, you may need an adapter, available here. For Lightning and Micro-USB cables, you can plug your phone cable directly into the Power Lantern's charging port.

We offer a 100-day Return Window and back all of our solar lanterns with an Off-Grid Guarantee for the lifetime of the product. We're confident you'll love your new LuminAID, but if there are any issues, we stand by our gear and will be here to help!

Lantern Runtimes:

  • PackLite Max: up to 50 hours per charge
  • PackLite Titan: up to 100 hours per charge

Storage Life:

  • Our lanterns are designed to hold a charge in storage for up to 2 years, and can be easily recharged in 1-2 hours by USB (cable included)

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LuminAID lanterns can be recharged via solar power or USB (charging cable included)

For a fast charge, recharging via USB takes only 1-2 hours.

Solar charging is best in bright, direct sunlight, but LuminAID lanterns will still charge in cloudy or rainy weather. Visit to find the charge times for each product model.