LuminAID Bundle Bundle Titan Power Lantern 4-Pack
Titans light up the campsite, great for reading.
Titan lantern charges a phone in use and lights up the area.
Red light is great for the dark, man grabs gear from car trunk in dark with red light.
Man lights up grill using power lantern.
Titan packs flat and can be strapped to a backpack, great for backpacking.

Titan Power Lantern 4-Pack

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For all adventures, by night or by day. The Titan is our newest product, and features all-new design innovations like a red light mode for night vision and our new twist-to-inflate design. It's our most versatile product yet, and you can't go wrong with this set of 4.

This Bundle Includes:

The Titan 2-in-1 Power Lantern is our newest and most powerful product. Featuring all-new design innovations, including Red Light Mode for night vision and a Twist-to-Inflate design. Take it camping, or add one to your emergency kit -- just in case.

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