Getting Started: Solar Lanterns

Getting Started: Solar Lanterns

Get started with your new LuminAID solar lanterns!
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Get To Know Your New Solar Lantern

Light up the night with a compact and portable lantern, powered by the sun. Designed to fit in your backpack or glove compartment, LuminAID Solar Lanterns are perfect for exploring the great outdoors, preparing for an emergency, or just taking the dog for a walk around the block. Forget the batteries and take the light with you.

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Packlite Nova USB.

Getting Started Tips:

Three Types of Light

LuminAID solar lanterns come in white, warm white, and multi-color. Learn more about the differences between these three models in our Solar Lantern Buyer's Guide

Nova USB

Spectra USB

Firefly USB

What Customers Are Saying

Works great!

"We were a little skeptical about purchasing this product. How could something that lightweight, made out of plastic, possibly be any good? But we were very surprised. It gives us more light in our van than the van lights do. We used it all week before having to recharge."

Marianne M. | 1/8/2021



Cleverly designed

"This is such a clever design. All details were thought of. I have had so many positive comments on the light. Nice engineering! Received in a timely manner. Will recommend to others for sure!"

Mary G. | 1/8/2021


Gave to my Mom

"I gave my mom the LuminAid Solar Lantern as a gift for Christmas because she loves camping. She has already used it and loves the lantern. It has different brightness levels and packs away super easily. Highly recommend!"

Anna D. | 1/8/2021


How to Inflate Your Lantern

Buttons and Indicator Lights

Use the Power Button to turn on your lantern, cycle through the lighting modes, and turn it off.

Use the Battery Button to check the battery charge level.

The Charge Indicator LED lights up when the solar panel is in light. It will shine brightly when your lantern is getting a strong charge.

How to Recharge Your Lantern

There are two ways to recharge your lantern:

1. Charge it outdoors by solar power. This should take 16-20 hours in direct sun. During the winter, or in overcast weather, solar charging will take longer.

Note: we do not recommend solar charging indoors, as windows will filter light.

2. Charge it indoors by USB input. Use the micro-USB recharging cable that came with your lantern. This should take 2-4 hours.

Tip: When the red Charge Indicator LED is shining brightly, that means your lantern is getting a strong charge!

Tip: When the red Charge Indicator LED is shining brightly, that means your lantern is getting a strong charge!

For more charging tips and troubleshooting, please visit our Product Support page here:

Checking the Battery Level

You can check the battery level on your lantern by pressing the small red Battery Button. First, all 4 LED's will flash once, then they'll hold steady to show the charge level.

Still Have Questions?

We're here to help! Visit our Product Support center for in-depth troubleshooting videos, or to request a replacement under our Off-Grid Guarantee.

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