Extending Our Return Window and Our New Guarantee

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With the holiday season approaching, we've made some updates to our support polices to better serve you and provide peace of mind for your adventures to come. Whether your light was ravaged by grizzlies in Alaska (true story!) or run over by a mail truck (also a true story 🙁 ), our team is here to help.

100-Day Return Window

We've extended our return window from 60 days to 100 days, for all orders placed on LuminAID.com.  You can return your order for any reason within this timeframe, and that includes gift orders, too.

Our New Off-Grid Guarantee

We noticed that some customers are reluctant to reach out to our team if they are past the return window. We've published an Off-Grid Guarantee to make it clear that we provide support for our products through their expected lifetime, whether you purchased them through us or through a reseller. Simply put: if your LuminAID does not perform as promised, we want to make it right.

If you're reading this, and you're thinking "...but isn't this just the right thing to do?" Well...yeah. We think it is. In fact, these commitments represent what we've been doing for customers, unofficially, over the last 10 years.

At LuminAID, our technology is designed for disasters, and we know that your family may rely on our products when the power goes out, or when you're venturing off-grid. We’re confident that your LuminAID will be ready when you need it, but if your LuminAID does not perform as promised, we want to help you get a new one so that you'll always have light when you need it.


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