Person in their stockpile pantry. Source: LuminAID

9 Best Survival Foods: What Preppers Keep in Their Pantry

In an emergency, you can only survive as long as your food does. Luckily, building a stockpile is easy with these tips on the best long-term food storage practices and choosing survival foods.
Person listening to radio and holding LuminAID Lantern. Source: Molly McFadden, LuminAID

Why Wind Up Radio Is Still Valid in The Age of The Internet

Communication during any emergency is crucial. With the right crank radio, you never have to worry about blackouts and extreme weather preventing you from accessing crucial safety information.
Person using LuminAID lantern in darkness. Source: Madison White @whitehomeonwheels

How to Use Generators Safely During Power Outages

Generators are great for blackouts, but they can be dangerous without proper precautions. With this safety precaution guide, you’ll have everything you need to know to safely use a generator.
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Responding to the Earthquake in Turkey and Syria

We are following news of the recent 7.8 earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria. This earthquake, along with aftershocks, has destroyed buildings and led to casualties, with more expected to be confirmed. We'll keep you updated as we receive stories and photos back from the field from NGO partners.
Person holding LuminAID lantern in darkness. Source: Madison White; @whitehomeonwheels

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: What Precautions to Take During a Power Outage

Winter can be difficult to prepare for, but don’t forget to protect yourself from a commonly overlooked danger: carbon monoxide. Learn the causes, symptoms, and prevention plans for CO poisoning.
Person hiking in Costa Rica. No source.

Camping Clothes: What to Wear and Pack for Your Next Trip

Camping is fun, but camping comfortably is a whole new experience. This camping outfit guide will give you everything you need to know to choose the right gear for your next adventure, head to toe.
Person walking through the snow outside of a home. Source: Kati Whelan

10 Essential Safety Tips to Withstand Winter Storms and Cold Weather

Winter storms and freezing temperatures are well on their way, which means it is crucial to understand the essential safety tips for staying warm and protected from the cold winter weather.
Friends enjoying a meal together in a backyard. Source: Hubbard Woods

The Best Patio Gifts to Enjoy Your Backyard Even More

Discover the perfect patio gift with this backyard gift guide. Suited for any budget, you’ll be sure to find something for any outdoor space.
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Modern Homesteading: 5 Steps to Get Started

The homesteading lifestyle has taken many different forms in recent years, yet the goals remain the same. Learn how to be self reliant, sustainable, and self-sufficient regardless of where you live.