Camping stove and burgers atop a picnic table. Source: Zoe Szabo (IG: @zoeszabophotography)

The Essential Guide to Camping Cooking Gear

Master the art of outdoor cooking with our cdetailed guide on essential camping cooking gear. Discover the perfect tools for your unique camping experience!
Person in their stockpile pantry. Source: LuminAID

9 Best Survival Foods: What Preppers Keep in Their Pantry

In an emergency, you can only survive as long as your food does. Luckily, building a stockpile is easy with these valuable tips on the best long-term food storage practices and choosing survival foods.
Camping car packed for adventure. Source: N/A

A Camper's Guide to Water Containers and Safe Drinking Solutions

Learn how to choose the right water storage, compare various container types, and explore effective filtration methods for clean, safe water. Make your camping trips more efficient and enjoyable, while staying hydrated.
What Food to Stockpile Before a Disaster Hits

What Food to Stockpile Before a Disaster Hits

Stocking up on food is a great way to build your hurricane kit, and it’s super easy! Here are our tips on what food you should store for hurricanes.
Person holds lantern over go bag

Go Bag Essentials for Emergency Home Evacuations

Whether it’s an earthquake or tornado, you should have a go bag for your family. Take a look at what goes into a go bag and how to pack it strategically.
Woman with large backpacking pack heading down on small walkway in forest

How to Hike Alone: Solo Hiking Essentials and Tips

Solo hiking is a great way to live in the moment and reset from your daily life. When you keep a few simple things in mind, it’s easy to start planning your next solo hike!
Woman backpacking in the beautiful outdoors. Source: Taylor Burk

Backpacking, Camping, or Something In-between? Finding Your Perfect Outdoor Experience

Embark on an unforgettable outdoor adventure! Explore backpacking, camping, hiking, and more to find the activity that aligns with your interests. Dive in and start your journey into the great outdoors!
Camper vans under the starry night sky. Source: Nick Zupancich

Everything You Need to Know About Portable Toilets for the Great Outdoors

Venturing into the great outdoors? Equip yourself with LuminAID's all-encompassing guide to portable camping toilets. We've got tips, DIY ideas, and eco-friendly alternatives to ensure your camping adventures are both comfortable and responsible.
Happy camping family huddled around LuminAID lanterns. Source: Kati Whelan

How to Cook Safely and Deliciously Outdoors

Unearth the joys of outdoor cooking! Discover how safety measures, right equipment, and a dash of adventure can transform your outdoor culinary experience.