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Supporting Local Charities on #GivingTuesday

  • 2 min read

Today is Giving Tuesday, and we're using our platform to promote local charities from our hometown here in Chicago. We hope you'll be inspired by their work, and consider supporting them with a donation.

2020 has been a year like no other, and nonprofit resources have been particularly strained, because traditional fundraising sources have decreased, but in many cases, needs have only grown. Your donations this Giving Tuesday will be especially impactful for the nonprofits you choose to support. You can find nonprofits to support in your own community on the Giving Tuesday website.

LuminAID has been uniquely positioned to grow in large part thanks to the resources available in the City of Chicago. Our team renewed our commitment to supporting equality and social justice here at home in Chicago this summer, and part of that has been establishing a Team Giving Fund and making it a priority to support local nonprofits. Even though much of our social impact work is focused on making light available to those who need it, we want to make today about a set of nonprofits who align with our values and are doing important work in our local community:


Chicago Voyagers

Who they are: Chicago Voyagers offers adventure programs for at-risk youth, giving them a chance to discover themselves and grow into their potential.

Why we chose them: We believe that nature is for everyone, and the outdoors should be accessible to all. We've been inspired by how Chicago Voyagers has found ways to continue their programming, even with all the new challenges brought by the pandemic.

Donate to Chicago Voyagers here: 



My Block, My Hood, My City

Who they are: My Block, My Hood, My City provides underprivileged youth with an awareness of the world and opportunities beyond their neighborhood.

Why we chose them: We want to support organizations that help inspire youth and support small businesses here in Chicago. My Block, My Hood, My City has continued to develop innovative programming during the pandemic, including Their work has included the Small Business Relief Fund, Senior Wellness Calls, and more.

Donate to My Block, My Hood, My City here:




Who they are: SparkShop’s mission is to inspire and mobilize the next generation of engineers, innovators, entrepreneurs & manufacturing geniuses, by empowering students to apply their skills to engineering challenges and see their value in the STEM fields.

Why we chose them: As student inventors, inspiring kids through STEM education is a cause close to our hearts. SparkShop helps make STEM accessible and exciting for the next generation of innovators.

Donate to SparkShop here:


About Our Team Giving Fund:

LuminAID's social impact and philanthropy work has primarily been focused on in-kind product donations, but we recognize that cash is one of the most effective ways to help nonprofits and community organizations achieve their goals. We established a Team Giving Fund to make cash contributions to organizations doing impactful work.

To learn more about our social impact work, and get involved in our mission to make light more accessible to all, visit our Give Light page.


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