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Packlite Max power lantern charging a phone.Packlite Max Power Lantern being used as a light and a phone charger.
PackLite Max 2-in-1 Power Lantern
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Max Power Lantern 3-PackREI Editor's Choice
Max Power Lantern 3-Pack
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Max Power Lantern 6-PackMax Power Lantern 6-Pack
Max Power Lantern 6-Pack
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NEW: Solar String Light
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Bundle includes 2 Titan power lanterns, and 2 nova lanterns, great for emergencies.Bundle includes 2 Titan power lanterns, and 2 nova lanterns.
Power Outage Bundle
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Titan 2-in-1 Lantern charging a phoneTitan power lantern red mode is great for seeing in the dark.
Solar Lanterns
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LuminAID Bundle Bundle Titan Power Lantern 4-PackTitans light up the campsite, great for reading.
Titan Power Lantern 4-Pack
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Bundle includes 6 Packlite nova USB lanterns.Two girls sleeping with a Nova USB lantern
Nova Solar Lantern 6-Pack
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The Ultimate Survival BundleThe Ultimate Survival Bundle
The Ultimate Survival Bundle
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29-Piece Camp Ready Survival Kit
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Shark Tank BundleShark Tank Bundle
Shark Tank Bundle
Sale price$205.00 USD
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Solar String Light 4-PackSolar String Light
Solar String Light 4-Pack
Sale price$247.00 USD Regular price$260.00 USD