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Nonprofit Resources for Remote Work - Discounted and Free Software

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One of our big projects has been expanding the LuminAID for Nonprofits program to provide a community and resources for nonprofits that go beyond our subsidies.  We have added a new Nonprofit Resources section to our website, which covers things like fundraising, discounts and grants, software, tools, and industry updates.

With many nonprofits shifting to remote work abruptly due to the COVID-19 coronavirus, we've prioritized adding new remote work options and tools to the resources we share.   As you review the software below, note that there may be different levels of discounts for nonprofits impacted by COVID-19 versus nonprofits actively working on a cure or frontline healthcare for COVID-19. 

Do you know about a resource we should add to this list? You can submit an entry to our resource directory here, or post in our Facebook Group. 

 Please note: We encourage nonprofits to browse these resources and evaluate whether they are a good fit for their needs. Inclusion on the list above does not serve as an endorsement of the organizations or services listed. LuminAID is an independent company, and is not affiliated with the above organizations.


Additional Resources

COVID-19 Resources for Nonprofits

All Nonprofit Resources

LuminAID for Nonprofits Facebook Group

Apply for a Subsidy


Get Involved With Our Nonprofit Community

We encourage you to join our Facebook Group and share resources and strategies that may be helpful to others.  We know this is a time of uncertainty for both your humanitarian projects and your teams, and hope that through sharing knowledge and resources, we can support each other.

What else would you like to know about? Do you have something to share with the nonprofit community? You can submit an entry to our resource directory here, or post in our Facebook Group.


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