LuminAID Featured on Forbes and Amazon for International Women’s Day

LuminAID Featured on Forbes and Amazon for International Women’s Day

Amazon and Diane von Furstenberg celebrated International Women’s Day with an inspiring parternship. One of LuminAID's founders, Andrea Sreshta, joined the experience as one of the featured women in charge.

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On March 8th, women across the world are recognized on International Women's Day. For 2020's celebration, Amazon and fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg teamed up to launch the #InCharge movement. The collaboration marked Amazon’s first ever partnership to promote women-owned businesses, and we are thrilled that LuminAID was chosen as a featured company to celebrate! 

In late February, one of our founders, Andrea Sreshta, joined von Furstenberg with four female business owners at Amazon’s New York City office. In a roundtable discussion, the women shared stories of starting their own businesses, overcoming challenges, and finding ways to channel creativity. The #InCharge partnership shares incredible stories of women in charge with hopes of inspiring women to rally together and pursue businesses of their own.

Amazon also brings recognition to new businesses and entrepreneurs with its Launchpad program. LuminAID is one of thousands of brands on Launchpad, where the program helps connect emerging businesses with Amazon shoppers through unique marketing efforts. In their efforts to support small businesses and women in charge, leaders like Amazon and Diane von Furstenberg are connecting customers to new products while honoring the people who brought the ideas to life. 

Check out the Forbes article on Diane Von Furstenberg’s #InCharge initiative with Amazon to learn more about LuminAID's beginnings, as well as hear from other influential women in business. We are constantly inspired by the work and devotion of our women in charge here at LuminAID, and seeing them receive recognition on such a large scale is very special.

LuminAID founder, Andrea, with Diane von Furstenberg and female small business owners.