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January 12, 2018

For us at LuminAID, 2017 was a year of creativity and innovation, and an even stronger commitment to our mission for safe light for all. We introduced our first solar phone charger, and an entire new line of smart garden lanterns. Our sun-powered lanterns went to new places in the world we could have never imagined! Most importantly, communities and individuals came together to help us pledge more than 50,000 solar lights and chargers to families in Puerto Rico and across the Caribbean

You make all of this possible.Together, we are shining safe light for schools and families across the world, from the Himalayas to Syria to Peru. We're looking forward to all we can accomplish together in 2018.

Thank you for helping us share light! 


Sharing Light

LuminAID and Convoy of Hope Distribute Solar Light in Puerto Rico

After a hurricane season devastated Puerto Rico, the southern US and islands across the Caribbean, you helped us get safe light and phone charging to families in need. More than 50,000 solar lanterns have been pledged for hurricane relief, with relief efforts ongoing. 



Karam Foundation Gives LuminAID Solar Light to Syrian Refugees

Most Syrian Refugees living in refugee camps have no access to safe light. Together, we raised thousands of solar lanterns to help refugees illuminate their shelters after the sun goes down. 





Innovating with Purpose


We introduced our new PackLite Max 2-in-1 Phone Charger, the first inflatable lantern with a built in phone charger. And not a moment too soon! Hurricane Maria hit right after launch, and we were able to send our new innovations to power the phones of disaster victims.




LuminAID's New Smart Home Line of Solar Garden Lights

Experimenting with new origami shapes and customer feedback inspired the Smart Solar Garden: our all-new line of smart solar lanterns. The light settings can be controlled from a smart phone, and feature new geometric shapes. Look out for the official release this summer! 





Adventuring Beyond


Adventure Factory brings LuminAID solar lanterns to remote Peru

Up peaks in Nepal, along rivers in Peru, and across deserts in Morocco adventurers have illuminated new paths and shared LuminAID lights with hard to reach communities along the way. 





Hockey players use LuminAID Solar Lights as glowing goal posts in Nova Scotia

Our supporters use LuminAID lights in the most creative ways. Whether it's as glowing goal posts for hockey in Nova Scotia, or background light for underwater photography, your creativity is endless! 

Also in News

Illuminating Indigenous Culture Centers in Costa Rica
Illuminating Indigenous Culture Centers in Costa Rica

February 16, 2018

The Costa Rican Humanitarian Foundation aims to alleviate socioeconomic problems facing the indigenous people on the Cabecar Indigenous Reserve in Costa Rica through economical and creative means. LuminAID was able to give 20 lights to the foundation for distribution at the reserve to alleviate problems associated with not having a source of light throughout the night.
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Chicago4PR Campaign Raises Over 10K Solar Lantern for Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief
Chicago4PR Campaign Raises Over 10K Solar Lantern for Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief

January 25, 2018

After a devastating hurricane season, LuminAID partnered with local Chicago organizations to get more safe light to those in need. Through the Chicago4PR campaign, Chicagoans came together to raise solar lanterns for families without power in Puerto Rico.Through October and November, over $100,000 was raised through the Give Light Program and matching contributions of the Chicago4PR campaign. Thanks to the generosity of LuminAID supporters and Chicago organizations, more than 10,000 solar lanterns were pledged for disaster relief in Puerto Rico.

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Notes From the Field: After the Hurricane, Illuminating an Island Community
Notes From the Field: After the Hurricane, Illuminating an Island Community

December 18, 2017

As one of the outer islands of the Caribbean, the island of Dominica was right within the path of destruction of Hurricane Maria this year. 95% of buildings on the island were damaged or destroyed, leaving electricity scarce and families struggling to rebuild. Randy Hannan, Managing Director of the Trafalgar Relief and Reconstruction Fund, shares how safe and reliable light makes a difference in a community struggling to rebuild.
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