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Industry Trends Show Today’s Campers Staying On-Grid in the Outdoors

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Imagine embarking on a camping expedition into the wilderness, far away from cell phone towers and comfortable beds. You might think of a more traditional trip, where a camper goes off the grid and leaves behind technology in order to reconnect with nature. However, younger outdoor enthusiasts are beginning to shift this narrative by packing luxury camping items that bring a little piece of home with them. These millennial campers are refusing to sacrifice the comfort and convenience of modern life for quality time in nature, as the Chicago Tribune explained in a recent article on glamping

Glamping, or glamorous camping, includes technological amenities such as coffee makers, air mattresses, and portable phone chargers in the camping experience. According to the Tribune, glamping has emerged from “fast-paced, always connected lifestyles” that make it difficult for campers to remove themselves from technology. As a result, new products encourage the modern camper to get out into nature without leaving their life behind, while common household technology becomes increasingly relevant to the outdoorsy. For example, phone chargers have become an essential item on the packing list of campers who want to stay in the loop while they’re away from home or work. After all, our cell phones go almost everywhere with us, and are typically in arm’s reach whenever they’re not in use. 

"As millennials increasingly opt not to disconnect from the technology of their daily life, their need for portable chargers fit for glamping follows naturally."

However, as LuminAID director of sales and marketing Michael Parker points out, it hasn’t always been easy to find a phone charger at your local glampground. For many years, slow or nonexistent reception outside of urban areas rendered cell phones and their chargers “somewhat irrelevant” at the campsite, according to Parker. However, as cell networks improved their coverage, modern campers began to take their phones on camping trips in order to stay connected with social media or binge watch after the sun sets. Plus, cell phone cameras are constantly improving, allowing adventurers to record their travels better than ever. Even if you choose to disconnect on your camping trip, you might still snap a few photos for later. This increased the need for phone chargers that were portable and reliable in rugged conditions, such as LuminAID’s PackLite Max 2-in-1 Phone Charger, pictured here, and PackLite Hero 2-in-1 Supercharger

As glamping becomes more and more popular, campers are blurring the boundaries between home and nature by bringing luxuries on their excursions. Items that traditional campers would never have considered bringing camping, such as speakers and inflatable sofas, are becoming commonplace accessories in nature. As millennials increasingly opt not to disconnect from the technology of their daily life, their need for portable chargers fit for glamping follows naturally. Cell phone chargers, once a stranger to the campsite, have become a luxury camping item that all cell phone users already own. If you're considering going on a camping trip, bring your charger - it might be more important than ever.


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