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Summer Weekend Bucket List

  • 2 min read

Summer weekends are great for some well-deserved refresh and relaxation. The weather is just right for camping, hiking, and outdoor barbecues. Now's the time to venture out or stay in with friends and family. How will you be enjoying your last few summer weekends? The LuminAID Team offers their favorite ideas.

1. Take a hike!

"Catch the last rays of sunset at the summit after a day of exploring new vistas and hidden streams. Pack a hearty picnic and share this moment with friends. I always enjoy the fresh air and the mountain top views! Check out to find a great hiking trail in your area." - Anna

2. Host a backyard get-together.

"Whether it’s colleagues, family friends or neighbors, summer is the perfect excuse to gather people together. Potlucks are a low-hassle option for outdoor fiestas. String up a set of LuminAID lights to keep the party going after dark." - Andrea


3. Spend a long day at the beach.


"Let’s face it -- it’s summer and you deserve to kick back and treat yourself to a leisurely day by the water. Splash in the surf, relax with a book, and spread out a blanket to watch the sunset. For me there's nothing more relaxing than a day at the beach." - Michael 

4. Head to your local park. 

"Pack a bag full of snacks and fun activities. Tip: freeze some puréed fruit in ice trays to toss in mason jars full of juice for refreshing drinks when you hit the mid-day heat. When the stars start to come out, I like to turn my PackLite Max to low mode for soft lighting while I watch the constellations appear." - Celia 

5. Sail away! 

"Rent a kayak, stand up paddle board or go on a sunset cruise and enjoy some time on the water." - Daphna 




Where are you taking your LuminAID this weekend? Share it on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #LuminAID! With lights in over 70 countries we love to see where our lights travel!


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