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The Best Practical Gifts to Amuse and Surprise Fishermen

This curated gift list has everything a fisherman needs to make their next day in the boat, on the beach, in the creek, or on the pier relaxing and enjoyable.

Shopping for your fishing fanatic can seem overwhelming, there are so many choices when it comes to hooks, lines, lures, and rods. Let the finicky fishing folks pick out what’s best for them, and let us help you find the useful gifts they will enjoy. 

This curated gift list has everything a fisherman needs to make their next day in the boat, on the beach, in the creek, or on the pier relaxing and enjoyable. 

What‘s fishing?

There’s nothing quite like waking up before sunrise, throwing your waders and rod in the truck, sipping down some coffee and heading out to that secret spot where you know (hope) the fish will be biting today. It’s a cherished journey whether it’s landing your first fish or your 100th. 

Anglers are dedicated scholars to their sport unlike any other. They learn how to read their environment, artistically crafting flies and selecting lures to match insects and prey. They study the tides, water temperature, the movement of the wind on the water, and weather. Patience and practice are at the heart of the art, whether you’re a beginner, fishing enthusiast, or hardcore angler. Any day spent fishing, even if you don’t catch anything, is a good day. 

Man fishing in a canoe with his LuminAID

Here are the 10 best practical fishing gifts sure to amuse and surprise the fisherman in your life.

10 best fishing gift ideas

Defishing soap 

Leave the fishy smell at the dock with defishing soap! It’s uniquely formulated to effectively rinse away scales and odors from your hands, clothes, and surfaces. Your fisherman, family, and friends will appreciate this gift.

Electronic fish scale

A digital fish scale will answer the age old question, “But how much did it weigh?” Hang a fish from the attached hook and a spring-loaded scale is pulled downward. Prices range, but the more you spend the greater the accuracy and quality. Be sure to choose one with an easy-to-grip handle for those heavy fish!

Tackle box

A well organized tackle box is a fisherman’s best friend. Check in with your fisherman to learn about how many types of lures, flies, and bait they use - this will guide your choice. Maybe they want a pocket tackle box so they can change a fly while on the river. Or maybe they need a larger tackle box to organize the back seat of their truck which is currently a catch-all for all things fishing. Depending on the size, these can range in price. 

Tip: Be sure to get a tackle box with a clear top so they can easily spot what they need before they leave the house. 

Heavy duty gloves

Gloves are an often overlooked practical piece of gear, so your fisherman will be very appreciative. Take notice of when and where they like to go fishing as this will determine what kind of gloves they need. 

Insulated gloves are perfect for cold mornings with insulation and varying degrees of water and wind protection. 

Wet hands mean an insecure grip, so get some lightweight waterproof gloves to keep their hands dry and nimble. 

Hot, sunny days call for UV protective gloves because sunscreen can make your grip greasy. 

Does your fisherman prefer ocean fishing? They’ll need to protect their hands from spines and toothy fish with bait fishing gloves.

Solar lantern 

A reliable solar lantern that is lightweight and packs flat can be stored in a tackle box for those early mornings and late nights. LuminAID’s variety of inflatable solar lanterns offer a range of brightness settings and lighting modes, including a red light, so you won’t be dropping flies in the dark.

Individual on a blanket with their lantern near water


A headlamp provides focused lighting for tasks like baiting lures, navigating brush, and getting the boat secured at the end of the day. A rechargeable option is lightweight because they won’t have to pack batteries with them. Make sure it offers a red light, to preserve your night vision, and multiple brightness settings so you won’t spook the fish but can find your way back to your car.

Sun protection cap

Even on a cloudy day, you can still burn if you’re not wearing sun-protective clothing. Whether you’re fishing in a boat, on shore, off a pier, or in the water, a lightweight moisture wicking wide-brim hat is key. Make sure the fabric has a UPF rating. Some models offer a face and/or neck covering too as the sun’s reflection on the water can cause burns too.

Man fishing out in a river with protective fishing gear. Source: Thinkstock

Small first-aid kit 

Spiky fish, rocks, hooks, lines, filet knives, teeth, bites, ticks - accidents happen on the water so you want to be prepared with a good first-aid kit. Keep a small first-aid kit in your tackle box or fishing vest with bandages, gauze, antibiotic ointment, antiseptic, tweezers, and insect repellent wipes. In your car or boat, keep a larger first-aid kit with larger bandages, aspirin, a tick-removal tool, scissors, razor blade, pliers, and snake bite kit.

Tip: Make sure the first-aid kit is in a waterproof container or bag.

Individual helping their child put on a bandaid with a first air kit

Portable fish finder

Old-school fishermen may appreciate some modern technology like a portable fish finder. Take out the guessing game and spend more time fishing! Using sonar to detect fish, guide your boat to them instead of waiting for them to come to you. Models range in price and features, but you don’t need to spend much to get great results. They can also be really small - like pocket sized - so they are very portable.  


You’ve got your rod, line, lures, bait, flies, reel, waders, sunglasses, hat, gloves - but do you have your lunch? Don’t forget to pack a meal when you’re heading out for a great day on the water. An insulated lunch box ensures your sandwich, water, and snacks stay cool. For the colder mornings and months, pack an insulated container with your favorite hot beverage, soup, or pasta to warm you up.

Man in a boat on water with his Arctic Zone cooler

Bonus ideas 

The above 10 fishing gift ideas are interesting and original. We have more in store for you. Here are 9 more ideas that you can explore and add to your holiday gifting mix.

Need more ideas? We have another solid list with gift ideas for hunters. You may find it interesting too.

When to give a fishing gift?

The greatest thing about fishing is that the best day to fish ends in -y. Same applies for when to give the angler in your life a fishing gift. Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Anniversary gift - pick a day, any day. 

Show your fisherman (or woman) that you love the joy their new hobby or favorite pastime brings them with a fishing gift they will keep on using. 

Final thoughts

The best thing about fishing is so much more than just catching fish. Fishing is fun for all ages and can be enjoyed wherever and whenever the fish are biting. You get to spend time outdoors, whether it’s alone, with friends, or family. You can bond with a fellow angler over strategy, skill, gear, and stories. You can pass knowledge and passion from one generation to the next. It can be as relaxing or as active as you want it to be. 

Whether you’re a novice or have been fishing for a lifetime, there is nothing more thrilling than setting the hook.

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