The Best Hunting Gifts That Don’t Miss the Mark

The Best Hunting Gifts That Don’t Miss the Mark

It may be difficult to find the perfect gift for a seasoned hunter, whether it’s your dad, boyfriend, or friend. So we’ve done the hard work for you. Take a look at these hunting gift ideas that hit the mark!

It may be difficult to find the perfect gift for a seasoned hunter, whether it’s your dad, boyfriend, or friend. They often know exactly what they need, and keep themselves well equipped with their own supplies. However, everyone appreciates a thoughtful gift, and chances are, it’s something that will greatly benefit your hunter.

Even if you yourself don’t hunt, you can still give a hunting gift that will be appreciated for years to come. We’re here to help with some gift ideas for hunters that are sure to wow without breaking the bank.

Choosing the best hunting gift

Tailor your gift to improve their hunting experience. Hunters are almost always exposed to the elements – think bug-filled forests, scorching sun, and freezing nights. A great hunting experience isn’t just about the quality of a rifle or bow, it’s about the rest of the gear they bring along and use constantly.

It’s important for a hunter to have reliable equipment. Durable clothes and lightweight, convenient gear will keep them comfortable and focused while hunting and make their experience fun and unforgettable. The less hunters have to focus on their clothes and gear functioning properly, the more they can attune with their surroundings.

The best hunting gifts are ones that improve their overall hunting experience. It’s important to take into account their hunting preferences – do they hunt during specific seasons, with specific tools, for specific game? Be sure to consider these things when looking for a gift.

Hunter in camouflage. Source: Kyle Green

It’s also important to consider that the hunter may already have everything they need. They will surely have a rifle or bow, appropriate clothing and shoes, a bipod or tree stand, and game bags. Experienced hunters will have additional specific gear that has worked for them over the years.

However, there is always a helpful tool that would make any hunter’s life even easier. These gifts are great for birthdays, Christmas, Father’s day, and any other occasion.

Here is a list of universal gifts that your hunter will appreciate. These hunting gifts will definitely hit the mark.


It’s important for hunters to see long distances for long periods of time – this is how they spot game. Chances are, your hunter already has binoculars, but monoculars are a better option if they need to pack light. 

Bushnell makes a nice monocular that comes with night vision and recording capabilities. 

Waterproof GPS

Hunting often brings people to remote places without cell coverage. Even if your hunter has an excellent sense of geography, a reliable GPS is a great option, and for many it’s a must-have. Garmin makes a waterproof GPS that your hunter can use no matter the weather.

LuminAID lights

Since your hunter will likely not have access to electricity, they need an alternate source of light. While they probably have flashlights, a bright, reliable lantern is even better. LuminAID power lanterns are super bright, and have a battery life of up to 100 hours. Plus, they’re rechargeable via solar power so your hunter can stay off the grid and still have an unlimited source of light.

Titan 2-in-1 Power Lantern

These lanterns are also waterproof, dirt-proof, lightweight, and pack flat for easy storage and transport. They have a night mode that uses red light so eyes can easily adjust back to the night – this is perfect for night hunting. Additionally, these lanterns double as phone chargers, so your hunter’s phone will not lose power even while off the grid. 

Mini cooking system

A cooking system is essential for a multi-day hunting trip, but camp stoves can be very heavy. The more lightweight and compact the stove, the easier it will be for your hunter to carry it and set up camp where they want. Camp stoves are meant to be convenient, so it’s important that they have one that does not hinder them with weight or bulk.

Jetboil has a lightweight and compact cooking system that is also very efficient, and boils water in 100 seconds. This is a great choice for a hunter looking for a way to make a quick, easy meal.

Water-filtering system

Water is heavy, and many hunters opt for a water filtration system so they can collect and filter water while on a hunting trip. This is often much easier than bringing many gallons of water to satisfy drinking, cooking, and cleaning needs on an extended trip.

Even if your hunter only goes on short trips, a backup water source is always a great idea, especially if they are out of cell service and far from any town.

The RapidPure UltraLight Straw guarantees access to clean water at all times. Your hunter will have a lightweight tool that guarantees them drinking water, even if they are far away from base camp.

Man with RapidPure straw in body of water

Stealth headlamps

Headlamps are an extremely useful tool for hunters, especially when they are out at night. An important feature of hunting headlamps is the option for different colors of light – in addition to white light, they also have red light to improve night vision, blue light to track blood, and green light for night vision that is invisible to many animals that are colorblind.

If your hunter does not have this useful tool, it’s a great, inexpensive gift that will be much appreciated. 

Hunting gloves

A new pair of hunting gloves is a practical gift. Gloves often wear out faster than other hunting gear, and your hunter would definitely appreciate a nice new pair designed for hunting. It is important that they are cold-resistant and insect proof, as these are two major sources of discomfort a hunter encounters. As the gloves keep their hands warm, they’ll think of you!

The Shale Touch Hybrid Glove by First Lite is insulating, durable, and touchscreen sensitive.

Hunting watch

This is a piece of gear that a hunter is a bit less likely to have, and would greatly appreciate. While a normal watch suffices, a watch designed for hunting is ideal. It’s durable and reliable, so they don’t have to worry about protecting it from shocks or rough weather.

Casio makes reliable sport watches with many functions– they are waterproof, shockproof, and solar powered. They also feature compasses and a night mode. The Casio solar-powered G-Shock watches and the Casio Pro Trek watches are both great options.

G-shock watch in the forest on bark. Source: hypebeast

Hunting sleeping bag

Nights get cold, and an insulated sleeping bag goes a long way. If your hunter does not have a sleeping bag that is effective down to 10-15 degrees Fahrenheit, they would be very thankful for this gift. While a bit pricey, insulated sleeping bags are extremely long-lasting, and your hunter would make good use of this gift.

This Marmot sleeping bag has a temperature limit of 15 degrees Fahrenheit and is resistant to wet conditions.

Hunting cooler

A good cooler is also an important part of hunting, both for the food a hunter packs and any meat that they bring back with them. A good hunting cooler is rugged, resistant to the elements, and easy to carry around. Since keeping food and meat cool is an important part of hunting, this is an essential gift– if your hunter’s current cooler is old, small, or failing, it’s time for an upgrade.

RTIC makes hard coolers that come in different sizes and colors so you can customize your gift for your hunter.

Hunting soap

Animals have a much stronger sense of smell than humans, and will be scared away by any distinctly human scent. This means that a key part of hunting is covering human scent, and any hunter will appreciate a good hunting soap. These are soaps that deodorize the user and eliminate any scent that an animal may identify as dangerous. For example, charcoal soaps are good at eliminating odor. 

It’s best to get soaps specifically designed for hunters, such as hunting soap from Duke Cannon Supply Co

Hunting bags for short trips

If your hunter enjoys short trips, they will certainly appreciate a small hunting bag. This gives them a less bulky option that is lightweight, comfortable, and the perfect size for their equipment. Many hunters have the proper supplies for an extended hunting trip, but don’t consider the need for a smaller bag appropriate for a day trip. They will be thankful to have a hunting bag designed for short trips and minimal supplies.

KUIU makes a durable hunting day pack with many convenient features that increase your hunter’s comfort.

Individual with hunting backpack. Source: KUIU

Truck seat covers

All hunters spend a lot of time outdoors, which means that deer hunters and waterfowl hunters alike will track dirt and debris into their vehicle. Truck seat covers are a great way to protect a hunter’s vehicle from damage and ease any worries about getting the seats dirty. This is a great gift that your hunter may not think of for themselves, but will certainly use on every hunting trip.

We recommend durable seat covers that can be easily removed and cleaned between uses. 

Hearing protection

It’s important to use ear protection when shooting a gun, but handgun and rifle hunters also need to be able to hear their prey. If your hunter uses ear protection, give them an upgrade with earplugs that are designed specifically for hunting.

Walker’s Silencer Bluetooth earbuds serve as electronic ear protection that can be controlled via Bluetooth, so hunters can adjust their hearing level during a hunt. If your hunter prefers earmuffs, we recommend the AXIL TRACKR BLU earmuffs, which both enhance hearing and protect from sudden loud noises, and have Bluetooth capability.


Though it may seem like hunters are hard to shop for, they will always appreciate a useful gift, whether it’s big or small. It’s important to consider the hunter’s experience – your gift may change depending on what game they hunt, how often, and for how long.

Regardless, all hunters will appreciate good quality equipment, so shop for gear that is lightweight, durable, and easy to use. As long as you keep these suggestions in mind, you’re bound to give a great gift that your hunter will use for many years to come.

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