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Best of our June Campground Review Contest

July 05, 2016


This June we partnered with The Dyrt to make the experience of finding a campground better. The Dyrt is a platform for finding and reviewing campsites - think Yelp, but for camping.

To improve the camping experience, we gave away $50 gift cards to the top 10 campsite reviewers in Florida. Our campground review contest covers the entire state of Florida, and we’re owning the contest alongside LifeStraw, who’s also giving away $50 gift cards to the top 10 reviewers.

With June behind us, we want to highlight some of our favorite reviews from our contest. At the same time, we want to remind you: we have three more contests this summer.

In addition to June, we have July, August, and September contests. The top 10 reviewers from each month will get $50 gift cards from both LuminAID and LifeStraw. Our leaderboard resets every month, so every contest starts with an even playing field.

Here are three of our favorite Florida reviews submitted to our contest:

“My favorite place in the whole world!” - St. Joseph Peninsula State Park, FL

Wildlife, the Gulf of Mexico, natural beauty… family camping at its finest.

"I have been visiting this park sense I was about three months old. I am now twenty seven years old. Most people would think of being tired or bored of a place you've visited so much, but so0o0 not the case with this place! The way this place is preserved and protected, the natural wildlife of the land, bay and absolutely amazing. I now have a son and he is now a frequent visitor of the park also!" (Read more on The Dyrt)

“Tropical paradise” - Dry Tortugas National Park, FL

Island camping off the keys… Paradise indeed!

"Snorkeling heaven with a fort for the history buffs. The water is an amazing blue, feels like the Caribbean. So much wildlife in and out of the water. Lots of tour options, kayak rentals, etc. You need to take an NPS boat to get here. Campsites are sandy (and therefore more comfy than lots of other places I've camped!). Most sites have shade and are quite private, some have palm trees, some a view of the ocean...every site is a little different and all are beautiful. Bring a travel hammock to relax. My gear got pretty sandy (not surprising), I don't remember the bugs being too bad. Make sure to watch the sun set!! Plan to spend at least two nights if you can." (Read more on The Dyrt)

“Beautiful area but extremely small and crowded” - Bahia Honda State Park, FL

Not all reviews highlight positives--that’s the beauty of reviews!

"This place is usually on everyone's list that is driving through the Florida Keys. Absolutely gorgeous, especially during low tide. However, the island is only 1 mile in length and 1000 ft wide...needless to say it's crowded...constantly. Great white sand beaches with crystal clear water. Decent amount of marine life around for snorkeling and scuba diving. There are major rip currents that occur on the south side during low tide because of all the water is being sucked through the bridge. Cool place to take a kayak out to explore the area." (Read more on The Dyrt)

Have any Florida camping experiences? Our July contest just started! Share your stories, relive your great times, and end the month with $50 gift cards from us and LifeStraw!

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