5 Things NOAA Suggests For Your Hurricane Emergency Kit Plus 1 They Fo - LuminAID Lab

July 25, 2016

Hurricane Supplies List

Hurricanes throw an incredible amount of energy at us. With extreme winds and massive amounts of water, they can quickly put you and your family in an emergency situation. That’s why it’s so important for you to have an emergency kit you can count on in the worst of emergencies.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, NOAA, who operate weather.gov suggest five things to know about preparing for an emergency situation from a hurricane. They are what you would expect: food and water, medicine or first aid, batteries for communication devices, gasoline, and cash.

Through our experience in dealing with disaster relief efforts, we want to add one more item to the list: lighting.

Communication is vital, as a cell phone or radio can put you in touch with loved ones or relief teams.

But it’s also important to be able to see at night. Lighting makes sure you can gather together, can signal at night, and continue to work on your emergency situation after the sun goes down.

That’s actually how LuminAID was started. We wanted to make it easier for people to have light in disaster situations. And we have done that, by creating a self-contained waterproof light source that does not need batteries or run on excessive energy.

Recall that emergencies can happen to your emergency kit, too… Your batteries might expire, your flashlight or lantern could get waterlogged, etc. Having a lighting option with as little points of failure as possible will give you one less thing to consider in your emergency situation.

So, before you find yourself in a tight spot, double check your hurricane emergency kit. What’s your lighting situation?

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