Tips - Charging or turning on

Tips - Charging or turning on

Tips for charging or turning on your PackLite product. Make sure the solar panel is receiving direct sunlight or is properly connected to a USB port.
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Tips for Solar Charging

Lantern charging from sunlight on a backpack.
  • Charge LuminAID lights outside on a flat and open space on clear, sunny days.
  • Ensure that the solar panel on your light is not obstructed (packaging, trees, shadows, etc.)
  • Keep in mind that nearby buildings and trees might shade your light for part of the day.
  • Light shining through windows is partially filtered and indirect. Although the charging indicator may turn on, the light will not be receiving enough power to charge.
  • For charging in sub-optimal conditions, such as on cloudy days or at higher latitudes, please allow for an additional 1-2 days of charging time.

Tips for USB Charging

  • Our lanterns have a 5V, micro USB input port that can be used to recharge your lantern in 1-4 hours, depending on the model you have.
  • You can use the included cable to charge the lantern from any USB port: your computer, battery bank, or the USB wall adapter that charges your phone.
  • When you plug your light in, the red charging indicator light will be very bright. Even if your light is completely discharged, the battery indicator LEDs will light.
  • If your light isn't charging via USB, or seems to be charging slowly, try a different cable and USB port. We recommend at least a 1A output for optimal charging speed.
PackLite lantern plugged in to a cars USB.


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