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Supporting Success for Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

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More than half of all refugees worldwide are children. They have left their home, their homeland, their communities, and their school behind. Yet they are integral to our global future. How do we help them thrive? How do we brighten their future?

LuminAID partner Convoy of Hope is on the front lines of refugee aid and empowerment. Convoy of Hope is an American non-profit that works worldwide to provide food, supplies, and training to struggling communities worldwide. They are currently responding to the Syrian refugee crisis, where LuminAID solar lights are among the essential supplies being delivered to these displaced families.

Syrian Refugee in Lebanon receives LuminAID solar light from Convoy of Hope

Syrian boy living with his family in Lebanon receives LuminAID solar lights from Convoy of Hope

For Syrian families displaced by war, safe shelters can be hard to come by. For the Syrian refugees living in Lebanon that Convoy of Hope helps support, many “homes” consist of tents or other makeshift houses. These temporary structures are particularly vulnerable for fire hazard, since they do not have energy access and often depend on kerosene lanterns and open flames. Refugee families should not have to decide between the safety of their children or living in the dark. Convoy of Hope distributes LuminAID PackLite 16 solar lanterns to these families for a safe alternative. The PackLite 16 is a pillow-shaped expandable lantern that expands to diffuse light and folds down to smaller than a checkbook. The lanterns are easily rechargeable in the sun, and are made to be highly durable, waterproof, and even float on water.

Convoy of Hope volunteer shows a Syrian refugee family how to use LuminAID solar lights

Convoy of Hope volunteer shows a Syrian family how to use their LuminAID lantern

The strategic support for Syrian refugees doesn’t stop with safe light at night. Convoy of Hope is careful to prioritize tools that respond to the basic needs of refugees, and empower their success throughout multiple aspects of their daily lives. Among these tools are solar lights, whose impact can reach far beyond fire-safe household light. The LuminAID lights allow children to do homework, mother's to cook and families to function without access to electricity. Parents are able to complete basic household maintenance and continue craft work that can bring in additional income. Access to solar lights will allow the refugee children to have easier access to educational opportunities. And past partnerships show that safe portable lighting can help improve women’s feelings of safetyafter dark, and when they leave temporary structures to relieve themselves. Light is an integral ingredient for everyday success and long term achievement.

We stand with refugees. Every family deserves a chance to thrive in a safe and stable environment. We believe that supporting their success is investing in our global future. Our programs help refugees and struggling communities worldwide get access to basic services, including safe light.


To get involved with LuminAID’s work to send light to communities in need, check out our Give Light Program. Through Give Light Get Light, you sponsor a solar lantern for a family in need and receive a solar lantern for yourself.

To learn more about Convoy of Hope and their support for refugees and struggling families worldwide, check out the Convoy of Hope site.


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