Anna and Andrea Fly to Puerto Rico, Distribute Solar Chargers and Lights

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Over 70% of Puerto Rico still without power one month after Hurricane Maria, and families are still struggling to recover without electricity. Many are left with dark homes and dead phones. Knowing how difficult it is to feel safe or comfortable without these basic necessities, our co-founders Anna and Andrea decided to fly in expedite solar aid to the island by flying it in themselves.


Over 25,000 LuminAID solar lanterns and solar phone chargers have been sent to Puerto Rico and areas across the Caribbean. A devastating hurricane season knocked out basic services, leaving power grids out of commission. The solar chargers have been helping families charge phones to keep in contact with loved ones and emergency services even when there's no electricity. The built-in lantern brings safe light to homes to help Puerto Rican families feel safe after dark. 

In order to get more aid on the ground faster, Anna and Andrea decided to pack suitcases full of LuminAID phone chargers & lanterns and fly it there directly. Since the solar chargers pack flat, they were able to pack enough lanterns in just a few suitcases to bring solar rechargeable power to over 300 homes. 



Being in Puerto Rico, Anna and Andrea saw the impact of solar first hand. Even many of the volunteers with our humanitarian partner Convoy of Hope told us that they still didn't have power at home. Charging phones with solar power ended up being even more important than we expected. People rely on phones to go about their day, and to find access to resources and aid for recover. 

Solar lights are being sponsored through our Hurricane Relief campaign. It costs only $10 to sponsor a light for Puerto Rico. Through our Give Light Get Light package, you can purchase a solar light for yourself and sponsor a light for hurricane relief for $25. 



Anna and Andrea saw how impactful solar devices are in communities without electricity. Anna explained how "it was incredible to meet families and see their faces light up when they received the product and were able to charge their phones." Families were able to have some sense of normalcy and comfort when the power to illuminate their homes was in their hands.

It's been inspiring to see how many people are coming together to help get light where it's needed most. The work is ongoing. Millions in Puerto Rico are still without power, and experts estimate it could take up to six months to fully restore. We'll keep shining light on Puerto Rico. Will you join us?



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