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Notes from the Field: Step of Faith Ministry’s Successful Trip to Haiti

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Pam Hess, a volunteer from Step of Faith Ministry, recently completed her second trip to distribute lights in Haiti! She worked with other volunteers in the remote areas of Laca’jue, a village with no electricity. Keep reading to see her testimonials and some amazing pictures from the trip!

Haiti LuminAID Step of Faith

We got back from Haiti recently, and had another successful and blessed trip!

We were able to hand out almost all of the LuminAID lanterns to our families in the remote areas of Laca'jue. Laca'jue is a small village that does not have electricity. Most, if not all homes, are made from mud and sticks, some are corrugated tin. None of the homes have running water, bathrooms or kitchens. Most are without mattresses to sleep on.

Haiti LuminAID Step of Faith

Haiti LuminAID Step of Faith

Haiti LuminAID Step of Faith

However, these people remain some of the happiest people I have ever met. They are so thankful for the light! Thank you!

-- Pam


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