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Notes from the Field: John and Alison Bront Light Up Galmi, Niger

  • 1 min read

Guest post from John and Alison Bront. The couple worked to bring LuminAID lanterns to Niger, building on their past support of medical work in vulnerable communities there. Below, they reflect on the impact of safe and affordable lighting for families in Galmi, Niger.  


We spent 8 months in Galmi, supporting the work at Galmi hospital - a well-known and respected institution in Niger, which has been functioning since 1950. It gives excellent outpatient and inpatient care in surgical, obstetrics, medical, paediatrics and HIV/AIDS services.

During our time in Galmi, in addition to our job roles, we visited outlying villages, and became acquainted with locals. We had great pleasure in giving out LuminAID lights, and they were very graciously received.

Two women with a new lantern.

One young man in particular, who we knew from an earlier visit in 2014, we gave 24 lights to. He had worked in close connection with us in Galmi, and had recently moved to another village. He was going to use the lights to reach out to less fortunate families in his area. We were thrilled with his intentions!

People inflating lights.

We have a heart for Galmi and the work that is being done there, so we are returning again in early 2017. We will no doubt see the lights still being used and appreciated!

-- John and Alison


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