Notes from the Field: Hearts out to Haiti distributes lights to students and teachers

  • 1 min read

In the town of Durrisy, Haiti, where electricity is unavailable, solar lighting has made an impact in both education and healthcare.

Tim, a volunteer for Hearts out for Haiti, worked to distribute solar lights to teachers, who use them at night to read, prepare lessons, and grade papers. In one case, a few students were studying for their high school government exams. These are country-wide exams that 4th and 11th grade students must pass in order to move on to the next grade. After receiving a LuminAID light, Tim notes, "They were so excited and kept thanking us. I think they studied for another 4 hours that night."

Tim also donated a few LuminAID lights to a clinic near Les Palmes, allowing patients to use lights when they need to walk home at night.

Team LuminAID is proud to work with impactful organizations such as Hearts for Haiti. Their hard work continues to bring positive impact on communities that need it most.

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