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Notes from the Field: Solar Lighting for Improving Health, Education in Impoverished India

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It's sometimes easy to overlook the simple things that can alleviate hardship in a person’s life. Often, it’s simple and thoughtful solutions that can make the most impact. Light is no exception. LuminAID lights offer a safe alternative to impoverished families in India whose daily lives were illuminated by open flames or lanterns with noxious fumes and expensive fuel costs. LuminAID has partnered with the NGO Responsible Charity to bring access to safe light and wide-reaching impact to Indian families in need.

Responsible Charity LuminAID education

Responsible Charity provides education, family planning and self-sustainable solutions to families living in poverty across India. Their approach depends upon the idea that investment in the community allows the community to grow and thrive. Responding to basic needs is often the first step. Light is one of those basic needs. From cooking to studying, to using the bathroom outside at night many of the simplest household functions depend on access to safe light. By providing LuminAID solar lights in conjunction with education programs, Responsible Charity is able to cut down on heavy household fuel costs with a clean solar alternative and reduce the need for dangerous and toxic kerosene lanterns.

Responsible Charity LuminAID

The on-the-ground outreach of Responsible Charity has been important for getting safe light to those who need it most. “For over three years LuminAID has been our sustainable light partner and has helped us bring energy solutions to families across India. To date, we have distributed hundreds of lights in slum communities and villages in Kolkata and Pune to children, men and women living in serious poverty.” Henley, Founder of Responsible Charity reported. Working with LuminAID has been a “bright partnership which has brought many positive changes for the families we assist.”

Responsible Charity LuminAID

Access to safe light has a deeper impact than was at first expected. Beyond allowing children to study safely at home, women reported feeling safer with LuminAID lights when they would go out on the fields to use toilets in the darkest hours of the night. The solar lanterns can be safely transported, and don’t cost the families any money for fuel or batteries—money which can now go to improving living conditions and their children’s education. “Many with little or no access to electricity have found LuminAID to be a perfect companion when the sun goes down, whether to assist in cooking, homework or commuting off road.” In this way LuminAID has proven to be a useful and portable solution for many of the day-to-day challenges that these families face.

Responsible Charity LuminAID kids

Team LuminAID is proud to work with thoughtful and impactful organizations such as Responsible Charity. Their hard work continues to bring positive impact on communities that need it most.

Join our mission to make safe light accessible for all: www.luminaid.com/givelight.

For more information about Responsible Charity, please visit: www.facebook.com/responsiblecharity


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