Today Show Features LuminAID Solar Phone Charger for Best Spring Gear

Today Show Features LuminAID Solar Phone Charger for Best Spring Gear

LuminAID makes a splash on the Today Show with the PackLite Max Phone Charger, a two-in-one solar phone charger and compact lantern. Innovation Insider Steve Greenberg shows off the must-have gear for spring, and explains how these lights also bring light to families in Puerto Rico. Hoda says, "Those are so awesome!"
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Hoda Kotb says, "Those are so awesome!" The LuminAID PackLite Max Phone Charger had its big debut on the Today Show, and made quite a splash! The solar phone charger and compact lanterns were featured on Gear and Gadgets for spring's 'April Showers' edition. Innovation Insider Steve Greenberg showed off the lights and brightened the studio. 

The 100% waterproof PackLite Max 2-in-1 Phone Charger is the perfect portable phone charger for any weather. You can charge your phone anywhere just from the power of the sun, whether it's the hiking trail or the garden patio. Illuminate any space with the built-in expandable lantern. These lanterns pack flat to under 1" thick to store or take on the go. Gadget guy Steve told Kathie Lee and Hoda "you can even use them for a party or something, or throw them in the pool!" These lanterns even float! 

Steve described how used the PackLite Max Phone Charger lights after the hurricane in Miami. In fact, these LuminAID lights have been frequently used for hurricane prep and disaster relief. Steve explained to the Today Show hosts how LuminAID works to get safe light and charging for those in Puerto Rico, where we distributed over 50,000 lights and worked with relief partner Convoy of Hope. "For a lot of people, this was their only light for weeks and months...and some of them still"  depend on LuminAID lights, Steve explained. 

Get the inside scoop for yourself about this season's must-have gear! 


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