Give A Light Africa Brings Light To Students

Give A Light Africa Brings Light To Students

Our partner at Focus Africa provided LuminAID lights to residents of the Masai Mara game park, changing the lives of many of the residents!

Our partner at Focus Africa provided LuminAID lights to residents of the Masai Mara game park. One resident in particular, Issac, is an eleventh grader who must work to help his mother pay for his education. Issac’s home, however, does not have electricity and without it, he could not do homework or stay after school for tutoring. Just in one term of receiving the LuminAID light, Issac’s grades improved an entire letter. If he continues with this trend, he will be able to apply to any trade school or University in Kenya.

One light has changed this family in big ways.

The lights have also allowed middle school students in Zambia to study at home in the evening. Over 300 lights have been distributed to students who do not have electricity. Typically, studying in the evening is either done by candlelight or not at all since it is too dark. However, because the lights are rechargeable by solar power, can be reused up to five years, and weather and water resistant, students can now study with light during any time of the day under any weather conditions. The students’ teachers say that the lights make a big difference in their students’ level of preparedness for high school.

We couldn’t have done this without the incredible kindness of our supporters! Through the Give Light program, we are able to improve the prospects of brilliant futures for families around the world. We thank you from the bottom of hearts for your help in working towards our goal of making light accessible to all!

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