Defeating the Blackout: Light & Power in Emergencies

Defeating the Blackout: Light & Power in Emergencies

Power outages can occur everywhere. Do you know what to look for in an emergency lantern? Here's a rundown of how to choose the best emergency light and backup phone charger. Read what hurricane and wildfire survivors recommend when buying a backup light and power device.
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Why You Need a Reliable Backup Light Source


Power outages can occur anywhere. They can be caused with local problems with electrical lines, or larger issues with the system caused by bad weather or disasters. Make sure you have a back-up light source, and a way to charge your phone without an outlet. 


If you've ever tried to change a tire at night, you know how difficult a flashlight can be. Always ensure that you have a portable lantern that can be held up or placed to diffuse light in hard-to-reach places. A back-up phone charger is always a good idea, in case you need to call for back up.

SOS Beacons

Whether you're camping or on the road, it's always good practice to have a few ways to signal for help. Always include a whistle in your glove compartment or backpack, and check to see if you have a way to visually show your position at night.

Disaster Prep Kits

Light is often overlooked in emergency prep kits, but is crucial for family safety and comfort. Avoid candles for fire-danger, and make sure your light source is easy to use for all members of the family.

Map showing the average length of blackouts across the United States.

What to Look for in Emergency Lights


Emergency supplies should always be compact, and easy to pack in an emergency kit or take on the go. If you can get items to do double duty, that will free up space and reduce weight in your emergency bag, glove box, or backpack. The LuminAID PackLite Nova USB solar lantern weighs in at 4 oz, and packs flat to under an inch thick. The PackLite Hero 2-in-1 Supercharger is 11 oz, and also packs flat down to an inch. All LuminAID lanterns expand with air to become full-size lanterns when they're needed.


Your tools for an emergency should be built for an emergency. Look for durability, including waterproof ratings and materials. All LuminAID solar lanterns and phone chargers are IP67 certified waterproof, are submergeable, and even float on water. They are designed for use in emergencies, and have been used after natural disasters around the world.


AA batteries only last so long. Your back-up battery and light source should be able to recharge when the outlet is no longer available and the AAs have run out. Solar is good backup to have, so that if you're on the trail or without power for more than a day, you have a way to recharge no matter where you are. LuminAID lanterns and chargers, such as the PackLite Max 2-in-1 Phone Charger, all recharge with the sun. They also feature a built-in USB port for pre-charging the device.


Candles and flares can be dangerous, and are not suited for all emergency circumstances. Look for safe, easy to use products that you would feel safe leaving with the kids. Light not only helps with basic activities, it helps provide comfort when you need it most.

Average number of power outages in states across the United States.

What People Are Saying About LuminAID for Emergency Prep

The perfect device

“Love the newest version! Charges my cell phone super fast and still has a fill charge in the device! I was sold on your light after we lost power after Hurricane Irma left us without power for 5 days last September in the Tampa Bay Area. I keep buying more for gifts ! Thank you thank you!!” - Trish

Would recommend to a friend? Absolutely!

“Great accessory for any emergency kit and a great light for camping. Highly recommend this lightning system and LuminAID as a company who’s heart is in the right place.” - Ken S.


“A really cool little light. I love that it's waterproof too. And the fact that once charged, it will remain charged for two years even if not used.” - Deb R.

Light where needed the most

“I bought 5, one for me in case of a power outage and four for family members in Puerto Rico. This little light has made a huge difference for my mom and sister who are still without power after hurricane Maria. Great product.” - Eliezer M.

Life safety tool

“ I am a Emergency Manager for a small town on the northern Oregon coast. We often lose power and at times generators are not available. Obvious use but the real need will be if we experience the “big one”where power will be out for a prolonged time Then your products will really shine. Thanks for a life saving tool. “ - Jerry R.

Came just in time for the Thomas fire!

“Got this a few days before the sweeping black outs through the area around the Thomas fire in California and this has been a life saver. It will completely light up a smaller room even on the lower settings and definitely provides relief when you need to power your phone. Several days before the black outs I also took it on a early morning hike and it made my flash light look like child's play due to how much light it puts out. The compressible design also made it easy to just hang on the backside of my backpack to charge when the sunlight came out; leaving no worry about where I had to put it.” - Steve G

Happy hurricane survivor

“These were the best small investment you could make for prolonged power outages. When you go for days without power, you need your small generators power for food storage. These will charge phones and tablets during the day and provide light at night. And being able to dim the light output at night, extends battery life!!!” - Dave H.

Emergency Preparedness Picks:

Packlite Nova USB.

75 Lumens

24 Hours Run Time


Sold out
Packlite Max power lantern charging a phone.

300 Lumens

100 Hours Run Time

2 Phone Charges

Sold out