Tips - Valve, Strap or Inflation

Tips - Valve, Strap or Inflation

Having issue with your lanterns valve, strap, or inflation. Let us see if we can help. All our products are backed by our off-grid guarantee.
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Our Materials

Durable TPU

More commonly used to create fire hoses or formula one engine parts, Thermoplastic Polyurethane, TPU for short, is an extremely durable and eco-friendly material. TPU is known for it's abrasion resistance and can withstand temperatures less than 0°F and greater than 180°F.

UV Coating

At LuminAID, we source high-quality TPU that is specially formulated to have high UV resistance. Your lantern should not experience extreme yellowing or become brittle and crack, no matter how long you use it!

The Quarter-Cut Valve

Engineered to make inflation simpler, there is a pie-shaped slice inside the valve on all LuminAID PackLite Series lanterns. This allows the lantern to be inflated or deflated simply by pushing or pulling on the ends. Our valve is designed for simplicity in relief aid situations around the world, especially in areas where people may not be familiar with bite valves.

Patching Holes

TPU is extremely puncture resistant, but accidents do happen. For small holes or tears, use any waterproof, flexible adhesive or epoxy advertised as working on both plastic and rubber. For larger damages, a patch used to repair rain jackets or air mattresses can be used. We also have a 1-Year Warranty if you aren't feeling crafty.


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