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How to Find the Model Name and Codes on Your Lantern

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How to Identify the Model Name of Your LuminAID

On the top of your lantern, there should be a LuminAID logo printed below the solar panel.  Your lantern's model name will be written in small type underneath the "LuminAID" logo.

Diagram Showing Location of Product Name
In this image, the model name of the product is "PackLite Nova USB"


How to Find the Codes For Your LuminAID

On the bottom of your LuminAID lantern, there should be some fine print. This is where you'll find the Batch Code and Date Code of your LuminAID.  You may be asked to provide this to our Customer Support team as part of our warranty claim process.  This helps us verify that you have an authentic LuminAID product, and identifies the unit so that we can better track QC issues.

Diagram Showing Location of Batch and Date Codes - Batch Code is 4 Digits, Date Code is 5 Digits

Finding the Batch Code

On the bottom of your lantern, the last line of fine print should be a 10-digit number with a series of dashes (ex: 1234-5678-90)
The Batch Code is the first 4 digits (ex: 1234)
Highlighted Batch Code

Finding the Date Code

On the bottom of your lantern, there should be a 5-digit number printed in larger text near the fine print.  This 5-digit number is the Date Code.
Highlighted Date Code

Having trouble? Not all products have will both numbers. Feel free to provide what you can find, or simply send us a photo of the bottom of your lantern, and our team can record the numbers for you.


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