Notes from the Field: How Health for All Mission Illuminated Cameroon

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Read the latest from our Notes From the Field series, in which we hear stories of distribution from our humanitarian partners. 

LuminAID humanitarian partner,Health for All Mission, recently visited the tropical forests of Cameroon to “distribute solar lights to children living in underprivileged areas in the village of Moloundou to allow them to do homework at night and perform well in school.” Many villages in this Central African region have no access to wired electricity or fuel sources. For the indigenous Baka people ofMoloundou, the only source of light available has been the burning of wooden sticks, filling the air with dangerous smoke and creating a fire hazard.

When first arriving at the village, Angelina Joseph, Health for All Mission’s founder, noted its remote location and deteriorating infrastructure, making travel in and out of the village especially difficult at night. She was welcomed by the village chief with open arms, and the community was excited for her arrival. Angelina brought with her over 20 LuminAID solar lights. She gave an instructional demonstration, sharing tips for proper usage with the villagers. Speaking of the wonder in people’s eyes as the lanterns flipped on, Angelina reported:

“The kids enjoyed that moment because they could blow them up and touch the power button and ‘Voila’ . . . The highlight of my trip was to see the joy, the smile and amazement on their faces.  It was a magical moment.”


Girl using light to study.

A girl studies with a LuminAID light in the village of Moloundou, Cameroon.

Angelina then distributed the lanterns to 20 families. With an average of 5 people to a home, over 100 villagers now had safe and reliable  access to light at all hours of the day. As a result, the people of Moloundou will no longer rely on dangerous light sources when working, walking, or reading, making Angelina’s journey to Cameroon a tremendous success.

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