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Notes from the Field: Give Light, Get Light Partners Light Up Villages in India

  • 1 min read

Our Give Light, Get Light partners at Responsible Charity share their experience distributing lights in India. We are so honored that the lights have made such a positive impact in the lives of the villagers - by helping children study, women feel comfortable at night, and just by providing the basic necessity of light.

Responsible Charity works in some of the poorest slum communities of the world in Kolkata and the villages of Pune, India. Much of their ground work consists of education initiatives, working to provide education an tuition costs, promote self-sustainability, and educate families and children on hygiene.

One volunteer, Adina, worked to distribute the lights donated through the Give Light, Get Light program. These lanterns provide a much needed resource for families living without electricity. Families use the lights not only to illuminate the dwelling for cooking, working, and studying in the evenings but also to provide security for young girls walking to the bathroom at night. 

Child using light to do homework in dark.

One boy uses his LuminAID light to finish his homework in the evening.

Some of the lights have also been donated to women in the village community in Pune to sell as a source of income as well as to communities without electricity. Without these lights, many household tasks as well as craft work, which are sold at the market for income, would be extremely difficult in the evenings.

"We here at Responsible Charity are extremely grateful to LuminAID for providing essential lighting resources that help alleviate poverty among the families which our organization supports." - Adina



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