Notes from the Field: Katenge School, Uganda

Notes from the Field: Katenge School, Uganda

Providing lights for Katenge School in Uganda!

The latest update in our Notes from the Field series comes from Mr. George Babatye, who manages ChildFund's Uganda Office.  Mr. Babatye helped LuminAID customer Dave distribute LuminAID lights to the children of the Katenge School in Uganda.  Dave sponsors a little girl named Edisa at the school, and sent her a LuminAID light.  Dave then worked with LuminAID and ChildFund to send more lights to her school in Uganda.

 Uganda school receiving lights, and their names.

The children received lights and brought them home to their families, where they helped reduce the usage of dangerous kerosene lamps.  Mr. Babatye writes: "the children use the light for reading and other general household work like using it while cooking, bathing at night, preparing the beds. ...Families testified that they can now access light for longer periods which was not the case before since sometimes they would be in darkness due to lack of kerosene. In a month many families said they now save up to about 2 liters which is about 5000 shillings i. e 2 dollars per family which is used on other necessities like soap, sugar, salt. Other families reported that they will progressively save and use the savings on fees and purchase of hens and goats for rearing so that in future, their children get fees. The beauty with the light is that it is moveable and can be used even under the rain, wind which is very common in these parts of the world."

school girl receiving light.

Edisa receiving a LuminAID light with her father
Thank you to Dave, George, and Edisa for helping bring light to the children of the Katenge School and their families!  

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