Illuminating Indigenous Culture Centers in Costa Rica

Illuminating Indigenous Culture Centers in Costa Rica

The Costa Rican Humanitarian Foundation aims to alleviate socioeconomic problems facing the indigenous people on the Cabecar Indigenous Reserve in Costa Rica through economical and creative means. LuminAID was able to give 20 lights to the foundation for distribution at the reserve to alleviate problems associated with not having a source of light throughout the night.

On the Cabecar Indigenous Reserve, the lack of light has long been a challenge for the families who live there. Located in a remote region of Costa Rica, the Cabecar Indigenous Reserve is far removed from the capital city and urban settings that many people live in today. On the reservation are seven families, one teacher, a group of women artisans, and the primary school all within the parameters of this region. The  Costa Rican Humanitarian Foundation (CRHF) is trying to alleviate the problems faced from inaccessibility through its efforts on the Cabecar Indigenous Reserve.


Safe light was a challenge for these families, limiting access to centers of exchange and making returning home after dark a dangerous event. The CRHF wanted to provide a renewable solution for this challenge. LuminAID was able to give 20 lights to the foundation for distribution at the reserve. All of these people received lanterns during this distribution trip.

LuminAID Cabecar Indigenous Reserve

Prior to this, the woman artisans had to cross a dangerous river every night to travel home, all without light. The children of these families could not study at night because there was no light source. Families had to make meals and other arrangements for the night before the sunset every evening. LuminAID and CRHF enabled this group of indigenous people to develop a safer and more productive lifestyle outside of the capital regions. Children are able to continue their education past sunset, women can travel more safely, and cultural sites are more accessible, helping preserve the culture of the people.

After partnering with LuminAID founder of CRHF Gail Nystrom wrote in a letter, “We are proud and happy to be able to distribute these wonderful lamps to people who we know will appreciate and use them.”

This is the impact LuminAID tries to cultivate through its various partnerships with organizations like the CRHF. Even small contributions through the Give Light Program will enable LuminAID to create brighter futures for all groups of people throughout the world! Every person deserves the chance to live a life full of light. Through LuminAID’s relief efforts around the world, you can get involved in sharing light and illuminating brighter futures.

Thank you for your support of safe light for all!