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Shining Light on Nepal: Give Light, Get Light Update from UNFPA and LuminAID

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Thank you!  The response to our Give Light Nepal campaign was overwhelming, and we far exceeded our donation goal.  Thanks to your support, we were able to partner with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) to distribute 1000 solar lights to women and girls in need following the earthquakes in Nepal.  We want to thank all of our incredible supporters for all they’ve done for earthquake survivors in Nepal this year! 

The UNFPA team has provided us with some beautiful images and an update from the field on the usefulness of our lights. Thanks to the help of our partner, the United Nations Population Fund Nepal (UNFPA Nepal), LuminAID lights are being distributed through an innovative program which serves women and children left vulnerable following the devastating earthquakes in April and May.

Safe Spaces for Women and Children

Shining Light Nepal Children

UNFPA Nepal incorporated LuminAID lights into their family resource program in the capital of Kathmandu and the surrounding rural areas. After natural disasters, women and children are often more at risk due to reduced access to health services and instability in communities. In order to improve safety and services to these vulnerable parts of the community, UNFPA has established several Female Friendly Spaces where women can come to receive services, counseling, advice on legal issues, as well as information, support, and a private space to breastfeed, chat, and relax in friendly company.
By the light of LuminAID lanterns in these Female Friendly Spaces, women and children are able to accomplish basic tasks (such as cooking and knitting) that were formerly limited to daylight hours. Renewable light has also had an important impact on education in these temporary living conditions while the villages rebuild, allowing the young girls to study after dark or inside their tents. The lanterns also reduce dependence on traditional candles, which pose a serious fire danger to the vulnerable temporary housing in areas particularly hard-hit by the earthquakes.
Maternity Units and Beyond

Shining Light Nepal Woman

Nepal Woman Light LuminAID

After the earthquakes, many hospitals were damaged or without electricity for treating patients. Kristine Blokhus, Deputy Representative of UNFPA Nepal, describes how LuminAID lights helped in some very special ways:  “In hospitals which were very damaged, [temporary hospitals] take the shape of a tent, and have no electricity. The lamps have hence been used to light up over80 maternity units for women just before or after delivering their babies.”

An unexpected benefit of the LuminAID lights was how welcome they were for women as a sense of security after dark.Even going to the bathroom at night “was often a little scary for many of the women; having a lit path made a huge difference,” Kristine explains. She added that the LuminAID lights are more versatile than many solar lamps due to the fact they can be hung – on the tent, on a string, on the bathrooms, and around the camp. The UNFPA Nepal staff noted that the lanterns were “extremely useful due to the lack of electricity,” and that “it was also a fun shape, which gave a lovely light.”

We couldn’t have done this without the incredible kindness of our supporters! Through the Give Light Light program, together we are able to improve the prospects of brilliant futures for families around the world. We thank you from the bottom of hearts for your help in working towards our goal of making light accessible to all!

Nepal Woman Light LuminAID

About the United Nations Population Fund

UNFPA is the lead UN agency for delivering a world where every pregnancy is wanted, every childbirth is safe and every young person's potential is fulfilled. UNFPA expands the possibilities for women and young people to lead healthy and productive lives.

Learn more about UNFPA and their work supporting women and children.

About Our Give Light, Get Light Program

1.6 billion people around the world lack proper access to electricity. Many of these people are forced to rely upon dangerous, toxic, and expensive kerosene lanterns as their primary source of light. Through our Give Light, Get Light program, we partner with NGOs and non-profits all over the world to distribute LuminAID Lights to individuals who will greatly benefit from a safe, rechargeable light source.

 LuminAID has distributed over 10,000 lights in more than 50 countries through the Give Light, Get Light project. Join us in our mission to make light more accessible and sustainable for all!

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