Update From the Field: Lighting the Way for Syrian Refugees in Greece

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This update from the field highlights the work of one of our NGO partners, Salaam Cultural Museum as they provide aid to newly-arrived refugees in Greece.

The Salaam Cultural Museum (SCM), a volunteer-based NGO from Seattle, is working to provide needed help and supplies to refugees who have crossed the perilous Mediterranean and finally arrive in Greece -- largely without supplies.  As the refugees continue their journey with limited access to necessities, lightweight and waterproof LuminAID solar lights mean that access to light at least is always in hand.

In 2015 alone, over half a million refugees have claimed asylum in Europe in order to escape violence in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and other countries in the Middle East and Africa. Thousands cross the Mediterranean Route towards Greece and Italy on undependable boats and limited resources awaiting them -- many of them children.

As soon as refugees finally reach the Grecian coast, SCM and their NGO partners will work quickly to provide these families with much-needed food packages, water, blankets, lanterns and other basic necessities. Volunteers and aid-workers often help these families as they arrive on shore at all hours of the night, and are in need of easy-to-use lanterns to illuminate their work. After an initial successful trial of LuminAID lights in the area, SCM plans to expand their distribution of LuminAID lights in Greece to provide needed light to aid-workers and refugee families alike. 

If you'd like to support the Salaam Cultural Museum's efforts to aid the Refugee Crisis, you can read more about how to help out on their page. Thank you, Salaam Cultural Museum for all you do!


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