LuminAID Announces $100K Chase Mission Main Street Grant

LuminAID Announces $100K Chase Mission Main Street Grant

LuminAID is proud to announce selection as one of 20 American small business owners to receive a $100,000 Mission Main Street Grant from JP Morgan Chase! Thank you to all of our supporters who have helped us along the way. This funding will help us expand LuminAID and our projects worldwide. We have so many people to thank!
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The LuminAID team is proud to announce our selection as one of this year's Chase Mission Main Street grants. We are honored and beyond grateful to be selected for a grant of $100,000 along with 19 other talented American small businesses each selected for their leadership, innovative business approach and focus on using their business as a force for good.

Along with our feelings of excitement, we also feel immense gratitude for how much our supporters have helped LuminAID grow and expand to where we are today. As always, we could not have done it without your support! In May, we asked you to help vote for LuminAID in the JP Morgan Chase competition. We had 48 hours to get 250 votes, and thanks to an absolutely flooring response from all of our supporters, we quickly surpassed the goal and were entered into the next round.

Now, with your help and support, we are honored to have been chosen among a group of over 35,000 applicants nationwide for this $100,000 grant that will help fund the expansion of LuminAID, and our projects worldwide. The funding from the grant will go a long way towards supporting our projects dedicated to bringing light to areas of the world without electricity.

LuminAID Co-founder Andrea with her Chase Mission Grant

This year has been an especially busy time given the tragic earthquake events in Nepal. With the support of our customers, we have been able to donate over 2000 lights to aid those in need in Nepal. Through LuminAID's Give Light Get Light program, charities in more than 50 countries have distributed lights to individuals who lack stable access to electricity. We our proud to work with our partners, who distribute lights to schools, orphanages, and through peace corps projects. Thank you for helping make this possible! 

We look forward to doing even more great work with our charitable partners in Nepal and elsewhere in the world with the support of this grant from JP Morgan Chase, and sponsor LinkedIn. We are eager to head to Mountain View, California for a Small Business Boot Camp at the LinkedIn headquarters later this year to learn more about increasing our impact. 

We would also like to thank the support of Bellaire High School, and the Houston community for celebrating this incredible opportunity with us! Andrea, Bellaire High School grad, returned to her alma mater to an amazing response from her community. She was excited to speak to Bellaire juniors and seniors about working hard to light the way for your own future, as well as the future of those in need. Thank you to JP Morgan Chase Houston for making this happen! 

“We are so pleased to have had a hometown hero chosen for work that’s truly making the world a better and brighter place,” said Marty Goossen, president of JP Morgan Chase in Houston. “LuminAID is an inspiring example of what our Mission Main Street Grants program is all about.”

Thank you all -- we literally couldn't have done it without you! You continue to inspire us to share lights with people all over the world in new and innovative ways. Because of your support, LuminAID is able to further our mission to make lights accessible and sustainable for all. Thank you for letting us share brilliant things with all of you around the world!

-- Anna, Andrea & Team LuminAID