Help us Light the Path Ahead for Refugee Children

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This campaign has ended. Thanks to your support, we were able to send over 300 lanterns and pairs of shoes to refugee children!

To support LuminAID's future solar lantern projects, sponsor light through our Give Light, Get Light Program.
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For Nonprofits & Community Groups:If you work with a nonprofit or community group that could use our lights, let's get in touch! LuminAID offers a subsidized rate for charitable projects. You do not need to be a 501(c)3 to qualify. You can learn more and apply for a subsidy at

Today, on World Refugee Day, we’re announcing our newest campaign to Light the Path for refugee children, in partnership with Because International. With your help, we can send 300 refugee children a LuminAID lantern, and The Shoe that Grows. We’re working with Because to address two important needs that refugee children have: light and shoes. A LuminAID solar lantern provides a safe, rechargeable source of light for studying, safety, and comfort after dark. Because International’s product, The Shoe that Grows, expands 5 sizes and is designed to last for years as children grow. You can sponsor both of these items together for $25, and help light the path ahead for a refugee child.

Our goal is to send 300 solar lanterns and 300 pairs of shoes to Lifting Hands International this summer, to be distributed through projects benefiting refugee children in Afghanistan and Tanzania later this year.

Of the more than 79.5 million refugees worldwide, over half are children. “School is where refugees are given a second chance,” according to Filippo Grandi, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, but a refugee child is five times more likely to be out of school than her non-refugee peers, according to UNICEF. LuminAID lanterns and The Shoe that Grows are both designed to empower children’s access to education, and support their health and safety.

A man putting new shoes on a child.

Since children’s feet grow so quickly, they often outgrow donated shoes within a year, leaving them once again exposed to illness and disease if their family cannot afford to buy new ones. “Due to poverty, most families in Tanzania and Afghanistan, especially refugee families cannot afford proper shoes. Sometimes they will wear old broken shoes or go barefoot which can lead to many health issues like foot infections, cuts due to sharp objects on the ground, or intestinal worms entering through cuts in their feet.” says to Carlissa Pugh Larsen, from Lifting Hands International. “In situations of crisis like the aftermath of natural disasters, displacement from war and conflict, the devastation after disease outbreak, or the loss of parents or providers, The Shoe That Grows can meet an immediate need for children and families. The Shoe That Grows can create an environment of self-empowerment by making education more accessible, keeping kids healthy, and giving them confidence to dream.”

" refugee camps/rural areas they have frequent power outages. Severe weather conditions like snow storms, monsoons, etc. can also cause long term power outages. Solar lanterns will allow them to have light no matter what the electric situation is."
Carlissa Pugh Larsen, Lifting Hands International

With a solar lantern, a child who may not have electricity at home will be able to continue studying after dark, and provides a safe, flame-free alternative to kerosene lanterns and candles. Carlissa says: “In both Tanzania and Afghanistan, they have limited access to electricity, and often, especially in refugee camps/rural areas they have frequent power outages. Severe weather conditions like snow storms, monsoons, etc can also cause long term power outages. When they do have electricity, it's spotty. Solar lanterns will allow them to have light no matter what the electric situation is in their area. Light allows them the opportunity to function after the sun goes down, and also provides some safety.”

You can support our campaign by sponsoring a solar lantern and a pair of shoes here and sharing the link on social media to help us spread the word! To learn more about LuminAID’s Give Light, Get Light Program, please visit

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About Because International

Because International believes that poverty is a problem we can solve together. Creator of The Shoe That Grows and the Pursuit Incubator business accelerator, Because focuses on products as solutions to alleviate poverty.The Shoe That Grows is an adjustable shoe that expands five sizes. Created for kids living in poverty, The Shoe That Grows protects against soil-transmitted diseases, helping to create opportunities for self-empowerment.

Because International manufactures The Shoe That Grows in Mombasa, Kenya, supporting sustainable employment opportunities in the community where the shoes are commonly distributed.  The Shoe That Grows creates safe tread for children to do everyday things like walk to lessons, complete chores for their families, or dance with friends.

Learn more and support their work at

About Lifting Hands International

Lifting Hands International is an impact-focused nonprofit organization dedicated to helping refugees at home and abroad. The solar lanterns and shoes sponsored through this campaign will be distributed by Lifting Hands International in upcoming projects benefiting refugee children in Tanzania and Afghanistan.

Learn more and support their work at

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