Friends enjoying a meal together in a backyard. Source: Hubbard Woods

The Best Patio Gifts to Enjoy Your Backyard Even More

Discover the perfect patio gift with this backyard gift guide. Suited for any budget, you’ll be sure to find something for any outdoor space.

If you find yourself looking to spruce up your own (or another's) outdoor decor, you've come to the right place. Patio gifts should be welcoming but functional, aesthetically pleasing, and they would help keep the ambience going all night!

This article has the best outdoor patio gifts to suit every budget.

What do you buy for a patio lover? 

Patio lovers will appreciate gifts that help them spend more time on their patio or backyard. They’ll be more than happy to receive an item they most likely already had in mind. Any great addition that will get the patio lover excited, is exciting. Though, the exact gift depends on the kind of person they are.

First off, you may need to know if this patio lover has a patio or backyard, beforehand. And if so, what do they use it for? For hosting, relaxing or is it just for the kids? Do they use it all year round, or just during the summer months? These questions and a few more other tips will help you determine what exact accessories one may need for their patio. 

What a perfect patio gift should be?

One should consider the following characteristics when purchasing a patio gift. 


This depends on the type of patio or backyard one may have. We wouldn’t want to overcrowd a small patio with a mass amount of large accessories.  


This includes knowing what your patio lover already has. You wouldn’t want to give them an amazing side table when they already have one!

If you don’t know what they may already have, you can play it safe and purchase something that would be practical and useful for anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors at home. Like a cute lantern, or an outdoor vase for those summer flowers.


Finding a gift that looks great and has a functional use is sure to be a hit, and it doesn’t have to be a large or expensive gift like a BBQ grill, either. A citronella candle can add a splash of color and keeps bugs away, and garden hose pots are an aesthetic way to safely store a hose when not in use. 

Gifts for a Better Ambiance 

Ambient lighting and music can make or break a backyard vibe, so consider these gifts to help you achieve your desired ambiance for your outdoor space. 

Multicolored LuminAID Spectra Lanterns illuminating a backyard table. Source: Hubbard Woods

Bright Compact Lantern

Overhead spotlights can be grating on the eyes when it is dark, so having additional light sources that provide more of a subtle glow is a must.

Add rustic charm to any patio space with lanterns that either hang from the ceiling or rest on end tables and the ground. A gift of a lantern or two is an inexpensive way to illuminate your loved one’s patio and make it more enjoyable for them.

LuminAID offers a variety of lanterns, from white light to colorful RGB options. They’re also waterproof and solar-charged, so they’ll be sure to last all your outdoor parties, rain or shine. 

If you’re looking for something extra useful, consider the Power Lanterns as they also include a built-in portable battery so all your devices can stay connected. For those who enjoy backyard camping, this gift would be especially appreciated. 

Man playing music through LuminAID Sunfox Speaker Source: Not Applicable

Bluetooth Speaker 

These days, you can find a great portable speaker that will work for both patio dinner parties and indoor events without breaking the bank. Everyone needs at least one high-quality bluetooth speaker to play tunes without having to connect with a cord.

A small portable speaker is a really great gift for anyone with a patio as they can carry it around and set it up easily. Plus, music will greatly enhance the outdoor ambience.  

Bose speakers sound great and are known for their exceptional quality. This Bose speaker has an IP67 waterproof rating and can float, so you need not worry about spilling anything on it or accidentally dropping it in the pool.

Gifts to Have Fun

Patio parties are fun, so consider gifts that can keep the fun going like backyard games or refreshment stations.


A BBQ kit should come with everything the grill master might need, such as spatulas, a grill cleaner, and other useful accessories for the food and BBQ enthusiast in your life. 

Beverage Tub

Keep your drinks cold with a beverage tub full of ice. They look great, keep drinks cold, and let your guests grab their own drinks.

Beverage tubs are also easy to customize and personalize, making this gift especially original.

Ice Bucket with Lid

Running in and out of the house to grab ice from the freezer can get tiring real quick, which is where an ice bucket with a lid comes in handy. Insulated buckets can keep ice cold for hours, making it great for pizza parties, BBQs, and backyard picnics. 

Chess set on an outdoor patio table. Source: Daphna Gall

Chess Set

Parties are great, but for those who enjoy a calmer outdoor weekend, a chess set is an excellent gift. 

Gifts to Keep the Conversation Going

Outdoor Wine Table

No patio table? No problem! Outdoor wine tables are great for lounging around outside with your favorite bottle of wine, worry-free. They’re also easy to fold and store away neatly for the colder seasons. 

Insulated Wine Tumbler

Wine glasses look classy, but aren’t great for keeping your wine chilled for long. Insulated wine tumblers can keep your wine at the perfect temperature for longer, and you can get creative with the design. 

Gifts for More Comfort 

Looking to make your own (or another’s) backyard more comfortable? Here are some ideas to bring indoor-level comfort outside. 

Puffy Blanket

Puffy blankets let you bring indoor-level comfort to your outdoor hangout. They’re useful for keeping warm on chilly afternoons, or laying on the ground for a soft place to have a picnic. You can even find some that come with a carrying case so you can easily store it away until the next time you need it.  

Insect Repellent System

Nobody likes getting bit by mosquitos, or any bug really. Luckily, there are numerous ways to help keep your backyard pest-free, from citronella candles and decorative torches to essential oils. 

Bug Zapper

Although a good insect repellent system keeps most pests away from patio areas, a bug zapper is a great gift for taking care of the few that got past your defenses. They’re easy to use, can cover a large area, and can still look great as decoration. 

Gifts to Keep You Warm 

Summer and spring aren’t the only time your backyard should be used. Here are some great late-season gift ideas that are sure to be useful. 

Fire table illuminating a backyard patio and pool. Source: Not Applicable

Fire Table

Outdoor fire tables look great as a patio centerpiece and can produce 50,000 BTUs or more, meaning they’re great for heating up larger areas, such as a backyard or patio. 

Heated Mat for Outside

If you’re somewhere where snow is common in the Winter, then this is sure to be a hit. Heated mats can keep your walkway or hangout spot snow and ice-free, so you’ll never have to worry about getting cold feet or slipping down the steps. 

Where to buy patio gifts

In store

If online shopping isn’t for you, or you like to see the gifts in person before buying them, then shopping in-store is always a great option. 


Online shopping can give you access to great discounts, ideas, and a wider range of options to choose from than shopping in-store. Here are some sites to help you find your next backyard gift. 


Amazon is likely the most popular site, but they offer a larger selection of gifts than you would find in most places online, and sales are always happening. 


If you’re a fan of hand-crafted gifts and supporting independent artists, then look no further than Etsy. You can even request special orders if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

Retailer's online stores

If your favorite retail store is out of stock on an item, you can easily order the item online from their website. They often offer the same items at the same prices, with the added convenience of shopping from home.

Specialty sites

If you’re looking for an especially unique gift, consider sites like Uncommon Goods that offer special gifts you likely won’t find elsewhere. 

How to make patio gifts memorable


If you want to make your gift truly original and memorable, consider finding options that allow you to personalize the gift, such as adding an engravement or special characteristic to your gift. Websites like Etsy allow you to make these customizations, but keep in mind that it often comes at a premium price.


Whether you’re looking for a birthday gift for a loved one or a gift to spruce up your backyard, there is no shortage of good options. Consider the size of the backyard, the practicality of the gift, and how useful the gift can be, and you’ll be guaranteed to find the perfect gift. 

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