All life is yoga ~ Sri Aurobindo: One woman’s inspiring journey to find herself and help others

All life is yoga ~ Sri Aurobindo: One woman’s inspiring journey to find herself and help others

Jayne Cagle is one of our favorite people - a lover of life and LuminAID. She is a professional yoga instructor, and uses yoga along with paddleboarding to create a truly unique experience for her clients. We wanted to highlight her story, as she really is an inspiring woman!
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Guest post by Jayne Cagle, teacher of Purna Yoga and owner Waconda Bay SUP. She uses LuminAID lanterns during her stand-up paddleboard mediation sessions. Below, she reflects on her journey and the role of light and internal balance. 


Yoga came to me when I was trying to deal with what I sometimes call ’the crash and burn” part of my life. This was highlighted by repetitive stress injuries as a career dental hygienist and an almost complete spiritual disconnect. Having sought answers (to physical, emotional and mental difficulties) through a variety of yoga styles, I met my teacher Aadil Palkhivala in 2004 just as “Purna Yoga” was becoming established. The real growth and change happened for me when I met Purna co-founder, Savitri, by participating in a 5 day retreat in 2007.

Yoga LuminAID PackLite Spectra

During Fall 2010, I began to explore the application (of Purna) while using standup paddleboards as floating yoga mats.  I discovered that the principles of alignment-based asana (poses) are easily taught on the standup paddleboards, the Heartfull™ Meditation 30 second to 1 minute techniques also seem to be more easily assimilated on the water.  And the nature of paddling outdoors, away from it all  seemed to attract the type of client I was seeking; one who wishes to explore the application of philosophies, lifestyle choices and nutrition. I have over 2,000 hours training in the Purna system. My business, Waconda Bay SUP, empowers clients to utilize each of the pillars of Purna yoga. This holistic approach to living, for me, initially began on land, then supported by my professional growth, as my home studio space has been evolving since 2005.

Yoga LuminAID PackLite Spectra

I found LuminAID through the Kickstarter campaign.  It crossed my path during a time when I wanted to become more generous in nature.  I read the story and knew in my heart these ladies were genuine and true with really being a change in our world.  I knew deep down I must support their efforts.  Coincidentally, if you believe in that, I knew I wanted to offer more evening paddles, so waterproof, rechargeable, floating lights were exactly what I needed to move forward! We clip the LuminAID lights to the back side of the paddleboards.  Because SUP boards are considered watercraft, traveling after dusk requires a white light at the stern (back). With a reliable product like the LuminAID, we are now offering moonlight paddles using the playful Spectra.  It truly supports our quest for fun and safety without burdening the environment.  Without a doubt LuminAID has helped me grow my standup paddleboard business.  More importantly, I get to help spread the word about sharing light.  And that’s just right on so many levels! With the Spectra, I’m also thinking that there is some way of applying color literally to the Purna Yoga classes on land.  Color and light are such important aspects of being truly alive.  I recently gave a Spectra to the Purna co-founder, who was delighted to learn of your product.

yoga luminaid packlite Spectra

Waconda Bay SUP is in it’s 6th season this year. We offer the original ‘SUPurna Yoga’ classes plus ‘Learn to Paddle’ SUP classes in addition to the ‘Sunset and Full Moon Paddles’.  We have used LuminAID from the very start of offering full moon paddles. In fact, we offer periodic gear feedback to LuminAID to assist with improvements. It’s a WIN WIN.

Right now, we are looking forward to our next August full moon as I plan to lead a restorative and meditation class on the water in the sunset and as the moon rises over our peaceful Waconda Bay; with our LuminAID’s of course. On a more broad sense, I’d like to continue to develop the retreat house atmosphere around Waconda Bay. You know, I’m bringing my LuminAID with me for that!

In closing, I have to say our businesses overlap in this way: I believe Light is Love.  Love IS Life. You are truly alive when you wrap yourself in Light and Love AND share it with the world.



All photos by Mindy Jamieson. See more here: Mindy Jamieson Photography

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