LuminAID Reviews

Solar Inflatable Lanterns for camping, hiking, and emergency preparedness. Don't take our word for it, read our customer reviews!


Seems great
    "I haven’t had much experience with this new product but I’ve had a couple of the other packlite products in the past. Overall I’ve really liked them but did have the experience of one of them springing a leak… probably from folding and unfolding too many times. I do hope that the plastic has been tweaked a bit since then so that won’t be an issue with this one."
    Beeara E.
    saw it used, bought it loved it
      "Love the product. Easy to use, and i love the light intensity options"
      Elisheva N.
      Convenient and Innovative solution
        "The Pack lite max charger is a convenient way to charge your phone and provides great light and uses solar power, simply wonderful "
        Judith F.
        Negative experience
          "Last year about this time I purchased one of your larger lights and it broke after 6 weeks of occasional use.since I live outside the country in winter I couldn't do anything until I returned in May.Too late for a refund so I was given store credit.The only choice I had was to get a smaller light for the same price.The reason for the failure of the light was,I felt,too many switch positions,as the light was charging but the switch would no longer work.So now I have a smaller light for the same price,30$,kind of a high price for what I got.So I'm not happy with the whole thing."
          cheri m.
          A light for anywhere
            "Love this light. Use it inside and out. The current purchase is a gift for family to use on their new deck. BTW, hello to your Mom; we went to Smith together!"
            Jeanne L.
            Excellent product.
              "I have used before when our power was out and it was wonderful! Allowed us light in the evening and again in the morning to have light to get ready for work by."
              Cherie D.
                "very unique product"
                michael r.
                LuminAID light/charger is the way to go
                  "The LuminAID light/charger fits the bill for backcountry or even emergency lighting when the power goes out. It is also capable of charging your small electronic devices. Best of all, no batteries are required!"
                  Steven T.
                  Gifts of Light
                    "I've been buying LuminAID products for several years ... I love them for camping, night walks, emergencies, pool lighting, mood lighting and gifts. Especially for the minimalists in my life!! These products are well constructed and are a great value. "
                    Nanette W.
                    PackLite Max 2-in-1 Phone Charger
                      "These are just great!"
                      Abigail D.
                      Buy this
                        "It's pretty cool with the colors. Nice effects light."
                        Troy G.
                        Bought this for my husband to use on his fishing boat.
                          "I have it charged and ready, but haven’t actually used it yet. It’s very bright and I believe it will serve my purpose. I bought it for my husband to use on his fishing boat. Love that he can charge his phone! Thank you. "
                          Jean A.
                          Inspired idea!
                            "The PackLite Max 2 in 1 phone charger is a brilliant idea and likely a life saver. It charges quickly, holds a charge for (well, I don’t know, haven’t had it that long) and works to effectively charge my phone. Belongs in every emergency kit!"
                            Denise D.
                            A gift for everyone
                              "LuminAid lights are my favorite gift to give. These recent purchases will be under family Christmas trees. My own lights are permanent pieces of my emergency preparedness supply kit."
                              Randi S.
                              Packliye max 2 in1
                                "So AWESOME!!!! I love it!!! I recommend this product to everyone."
                                Leslie D.
                                Love this
                                  "We have 3 on our roof deck and love them "
                                  Leslie G.
                                  Compact and lite weight.
                                    "This light is awesome for camping. Lite weight and compact. "
                                    Javier M.
                                    Great. in very cloudy weather,
                                      "Great. in very cloudy weather, it was slower to fully charge than the old 4" one without charging capability. But it charged fast when we attached it to another solar-charged battery. Like it a lot. I hope you were able to send some to North Carolina this week for Florence relief. Thanks, Sarah"
                                      Sarah R.
                                      Easy to use, versatile, good
                                        "Easy to use, versatile, good soft lighting but bright enough when needed. "
                                        Matt P.
                                        Great gift!
                                          "Works well and easy to use. I gave several this summer as gifts. Users liked them while camping and plan to keep them in emergency kits. "
                                          Twila J.
                                            "Much much higher quality than expected. Will be ordering more for Christmas Gifts!"
                                            Tom B.
                                            The "On Button"
                                              "The "on" button is very difficult to "feel" in the complete dark. I know where it should be from the protruding USB connection port, but I still can't seem to feel the button and where to push. What about making the button feel "higher" with more relief. Or with a tactile "rough" patch over it, or both?"
                                              Shawn H.
                                              Spectra - Nova & max 2 in 1
                                                "I really enjoyed this product & hope it will come in handy this winter when we lose our power. We will also use on camping trips."
                                                Maureen M.
                                                Just awesome product
                                                  "It is an awesome product. I have two. A small one, and another one little bigger with cell phone charger. "
                                                  Whelington M.
                                                  Great Solar lights!
                                                    "I love these lights. I have other brands as well but, especially like the snap together straps, and the muted plastic so they are not horribly bright."
                                                    stephanie w.
                                                    LuminAID Lit the Way!
                                                      "I have given six LuminAIDs as gifts to my children and their spouses. My youngest daughter and her husband recently held a reunion for about 50 fellow missionaries from their church who had served in Ethiopia. Ten states were represented. She hung a LuminAID near one Port-a-Potty and said when she brought it in the next morning it was still providing much welcome light. They plan to take theirs with them when they return to Africa on a visit early next year. My eldest daughter and her husband in Florida had their LuminAIDs charged and ready when it looked as if they would have storms from Tropical Storm Gordon recently. She uses hers to read by at night because it emits a soft glow that doesn't glare on the page and she loves it My middle daughter and her hubby have used theirs during brief power outages in their small SW KS town. Now that I have given my children some I hope to get one for myself and am sorry the price went up as I had planned to give them as gifts for several more people. I was without power for four days two years ago and these would have been a blessing!"
                                                      Barbara D.
                                                      Packlite Nova
                                                        "Have not used it personally, but I have given as gifts. They were given to friends just before a storm hit and they were thankful they had light."
                                                        Char A.
                                                        Great Product
                                                          "I love this light. I remember seeing you guys on Shark Tank and when the hurricane hit Puerto Rico and you went and delivered these lights to them I had to order them. I also got my family member to order them too."
                                                          Lisette C.
                                                          Love this
                                                            "We love using this product. It's great for camping and if the power ever goes out at home!!!! Great Product...definitely recommend it to friends and family."
                                                            Tammy B.
                                                              "Great .It’s hurricane season in Hawaii.I have a few of this light just in case. Love this light."
                                                              Neil S.