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LuminAID Reviews

Solar Inflatable Lanterns for camping, hiking, and emergency preparedness. Don't take our word for it, read our customer reviews!



Great light
    "It's a great light and an amazing overall business. Easy to use, casts out an amazing amount of light and charges up really well. Much better than another solar camping product I have used."

    Mark H.

    A Syria Charity Ambulance Driver Named Yasser
      "Anna,Your PackLite Max (2 of them) was delivered to Yasser last month. Yasser is a Syria Charity ambulance driver who is currently in Istanbul, Turkey being fitted for a prosthesis after he lost his leg when his ambulance was bombed in the last days of Aleppo. Yasser was thrilled to receive your PackLites because he wants to return to Syria and his family as soon as possible and resume his job as an ambulance driver. He knows his chances of surviving the war are not good but Syria is his home and he is completely dedicated to helping save others. He said your lights would help them so much with trying to rescue people at night and also when they have to go down into collapsed buildings where there is no light. I don't know if you were aware of this use for your product. If you wish, I can send you pictures of Yasser with his new leg. He just received it a few days ago and still has to learn to walk on it."
      Jayne R.

      AWESOME light!
        "Service was great, we're in Australia and received the lanterns we ordered very quickly. Had to wait for Easter to give them to the kids (Easter bunny gave them lanterns not eggs). kids (aged 4&6) are so excited and have been out on a night walk by the beach to test them out. Good light, and light weight for kids to hold. My boy has strapped his to the bed to use as a soft nightlight. They love them!! Thanks!"

        Jhodi J.

        Great solar light!
          "Great so far. Looking forward to using it on camping trips."

          Heidi B.

          LuminAID PackLite 16 Lights
            "These were a blessing to give to those less fortunate, who live in a small rural village in Mexico. Some do not have electricity and those who do, are without power for long periods of time when there is a power outage."
            Brenda D.

            PackLite Max USB
              "The PackLite Max USB was delivered in time and product was positively great!"

              Oscar O.

              Fantastic light
                "I originally bought two of these for emergency lighting, but now use them for camping ad well. They're perfect for tossing in a pack. Even on low setting, there is more than enough light to work with setting up camp after dark or simply kicking back to read or whatever you want to do. "

                jim b.

                Anna, this was a gift
                  "My daughter is going on a trek in Peru for her honeymoon. This light looks really useful."

                  Catherine B.

                  Love this light
                    "We used two lights on our table while camping this weekend and they were fabulous. Provided enough light to really see what we were eating. Also used one to help a late arrival park their RV on a dark and stormy night. One friend plans to order several for their emergency kit. I’ll probably order several as gifts. "

                    Zack S.

                    Great Product!! Super Convenient and Easy to Use
                      "This light is fantastic!!! It collapses down flat and can be stored anywhere. However, when you you need a light, it can be inflated in a few puffs. I would compare it to inflating a beachball that was the sizeof a baseball. It takes no time at all. When inflated and powered on, it puts out enough light to play cards or have enough light to hang out around the campfire. The attached strap is perfect for hanging and it nicely illuminates my four-person tent. The materials are nice and high quality, I would expect this light to last a long time. It charges quickly, we just leave in laying out during the day, and have a nice lantern all night long. It is a great product. Overall, I would highly recommend this light, for emergency and leisure use."

                      Daniel W.

                      A soldiers words
                        "I took my packlite Nova to Ascension island recently as I know it ends up wicked dark at night (No light pollution and no neighbours on the equator for a few thousand miles). Now to say the Nova is bright is an understatement, it's blinding. When you need light, especially a flood of light, in a tiny super lightweight package, then the Nova has you covered. I've used many a lantern from rechargeable to liquid fuelled and none compare to this. I charged it floating in the south Atlantic and there seemed to be no degradation of the materials from the salt. Hung it on cactus, which didn't pierce it ( I'd recommend avoiding this one though). It's been sat on, thrown around the back of a Land Rover, kicked across the volcanic rocks, blown across an airfield and basically been treated pretty brutally by a soldier. With all that I (and my squaddy mates) could throw at this little lantern it went on and on. It even held up to my three year old boy, some felt tip pens and a Labrador. The Packlite Nova is now firmly in my everyday carry and I would highly recommend that anyone who is a camper, walker, explorer, kayaker, climber, soldier, sailer, human, or close should have one of these in their life. If not, two."

                        Paul Z.

                        Made a great gift
                          "It's quite bright and the friend I bought it for tested it out in a cold Saskatchewan power outage and it worked great "

                          Sarah P.

                            "Second one I've bought, great product."

                            Kevin H.

                            Best purchase that I have made in a long time
                              "Keep up the good work. I am very happy with my light. "

                              Dean G.

                              Amazing product
                                "We have just tested our luminaid light, but liked it so well that we bought additional lights. We will be taking them on our summer camping vacation and will make use of them when we are in state/national parks where we don't have electricity. We have also purchased some for friends who camp off the grid."

                                Leslie G.

                                So light weight and bright!
                                  "Love these lanterns because they are so lightweight and produce so much light. We plan to use ours camping this summer and I’m really looking forward to using them. I anticipate they are rugged as well as functional."

                                  Diane M.

                                  Great Idea
                                    "Love the idea...it works very well! My englisch isn't very good ☺️. The right way ...you don't have to use electricity...it helps poor People or People in need too and helps saving our world ❣️"

                                    Sylvia M.

                                    Fantastic lights!
                                      "We bought them to "aid" people who need light and as for ourselves we have about ten lights now. GUESS WHAT We had a storm the other night and the power went out. I was looking out the window and a huge lightning bolt flashed in front of me in the distance and took out the transformer and the grid went down. My wife and I looked at each other, laughed and said The Lumin Aid lights and immediately set them up all over our three bedroom apartment. It was GREAT! We have three of the coloured ones that added to the nice environment. We think they are absolutely fantastic. "

                                      Michael A.

                                      The delivery was a bit slow...
                                        "The Delivery time was a bit slow but we'll worth the wait. These products are high quality. Love them..Telling all my friends. I actually watched the Presentation on Shark Tank.. I was anxious to finally get a chance to experience them. Jamie V. Aurora,Il"

                                        Jamie C.

                                          "I bought 2 of these for my boyfriend. We're bulding a sleeping cabin on our cottage property and thought these would be awesome at night. Also hreat for when we go camping. :) love them. "

                                          Destiny L.

                                            "Love my luminAID and have gifted my adult children with one. Great concept, they work incredibly well, and love the Pay It Forward attitude of the company. Bravo all around!! "

                                            Paula R.

                                            LOVE this product!
                                              "My daughter uses it for camping, hiking and just being on the deck. I use mine as an emergency light. Great for outdoor parties! Highly recommend, it is my new go-to housewarming gift!"

                                              Nancy G.

                                              Great it's a awesome product
                                                "Great it's a awesome product I take it to work and some room the lights are not installed,so I use the pack lite max to light up the room,so I can paint the walls."

                                                Neil S.

                                                Wonderful product
                                                  "It was great. The lights were great for night game"

                                                  Veronica C.

                                                  Great emergency light
                                                    "Have only used it once, but seems to be a great light. Easy to use and compact for storage. Can't wait to try it outside when the weather warms. Love the Give light, Get light concept."

                                                    Tamara V.

                                                    Love these lights
                                                      "I love these lights! My recent purchase was to spread the greatness of this product and gave them as gifts!"

                                                      Karen H.

                                                        "Great product, great service, great opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. John 3:16 "

                                                        Jimmy R.

                                                          "Gave as a gift."

                                                          LINDA M.

                                                          great light
                                                            "Great waiting for the new one with the phone charger."

                                                            Pamela E.

                                                            Cold storage, no problem!
                                                              "Have used the light a few times now, bringing it in from a Minnesota cold garage as needed. Work perfectly each time with no issues. The different ways to use the strap are great for directing the light up, down or horizontally as needed. "

                                                              Jason G.
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