Halloween Lantern Sticker Set - LuminAID Lab

Halloween Sticker Set

Light up the night with our Halloween Sticker Set!  Turn your LuminAID lights into solar jack-o-lanterns or portable safety lights for trick-or-treating.  

Go green this Halloween and decorate your home or classroom with a festive halloween solar light that is completely safe to use indoors & rechargeable. All of our lights are lightweight and 100% waterproof, making them the perfect light for your kids to carry with them while they trick-or-treat on Halloween night. 

Mix and match these festive stickers to create over 10 jack-o-lantern face combinations, black cats, or scary bats! The LuminAID Halloween Sticker Set is a set of removable vinyl stickers to use with your LuminAID lights (lights sold separately).  What will your family create?

Stickers sold separately from LuminAID solar lights.  Please note that stickers may impact brightness.  Stickers are removable and water resistant.

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