The LuminAID Solar String Light


Meet the newest addition to the LuminAID lineup: our solar string light that also does triple duty as a solar lantern and phone charger! With 32 feet of warm white LED bulbs, you can add a magical glow to your tent, RV, backyard, or bedroom.

Just Launched!

Limited Stock Available. Limit 4 per person.

It's Glow Time.

32 Feet of Warm White LED String Lights

Doubles as a Bright 300-Lumen Lantern

Built-In 2000mAh Battery Charges Your Phone

Easy to Charge via Solar Power or USB

Adjustable Brightness & Lighting Modes

Flashing Red Mode for Emergencies

The LuminAID Promise

This isn't our first rodeo.  For 13 years, LuminAID has been engineering innovative solar lighting products that are built to last, and back our products with above-and-beyond service and an Off-Grid Guarantee.

10,000+ 5-Star Reviews

Off-Grid Guarantee

100-Day Return Window

Free Shipping Over $99 (US-Only)

From the Backyard to the Backcountry

  • 32 Feet of Light

  • Charges Your Phone

  • Bright Enough to Read By

  • Perfect for Cozy Nights In

  • Ready for Camping

  • Powered By the Sun

  • Take it Anywhere

  • Red Mode Included

Our Global Impact

We're proud to supply nonprofits operating in 100+ countries to support disaster relief, education, refugee aid, healthcare, and more!

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Limited stock is available.  Limit 4 per person.

Solar String Light


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