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The latest installment in our Notes from the Field series comes from Ian Gorecki, who a Peace Corps Volunteer in Madagascar.  Ian recently coordinated the distribution of LuminAID lights to artisans in the Androy region of Madagascar, and shares the impact the lights have had on this community.  In an area with limited resources and infrastructure, LuminAID lights have brightened prospects for the women of Tsimankiarake, Madagascar. Read More
LuminAID Team on Shark TankEveryone’s getting the bright idea: hikers in Yosemite, backpackers in Whistler, and emergency workers in Nepal alike use LuminAID to light their way. Even the reality investment show ABC’s Shark Tank found the LuminAID vision irresistible, and invited Anna and Andrea on the show for a chance to premiere their product on primetime.
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luminaid-give-light-get-light-nepalThank you to all of our Give Light, Get Light supporters!  We have been amazed by the outpouring of support that we received after the Nepal Earthquake in April.  Your contributions have helped LuminAID distribute over 1,000 lights to earthquake relief efforts in Nepal, with many more on the way. Read More
The Kathmandu Post reported that up to 70% of houses in rural areas have been destroyed close to the epicentre in Gorkha. We're working with our partner organizations on the ground to distribute LuminAID lights to those homeless and without electricity.
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OUTSIDE, America’s leading active lifestyle brand, has selected LuminAID to be featured in their Summer Buyer’s Guide as among the best gear to have for the summer sports season.

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UK-based charity ShelterBox is always on the lookout for products that will help in the world’s disaster zones. Ingenious ‘luminAID’ provides lighting and security where power lines are down – and it also provided a light bulb moment on the US version of Dragon’s Den.
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Paths have been lit for 140 children at our partner orphanage in Uganda. For the kids in Uganda, after dark, can be impossible to spend anytime reading or studying outside or in their rooms. These lights will allow and encourage nighttime study.
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LuminAID takes on the Tank

February 08, 2015


The Founders of LuminAID solar powered lights pitch ABC’s Shark Tank Investors on Feb. 20th Episode; Find out if the Sharks Bite at a Viewing Party at The Gleacher Center

CHICAGO (January 16, 2015) – Will or won’t “the sharks” bite? Andrea Sreshta and Anna Stork, co-founders of Chicago-based LuminAID will present their solar powered inflatable light invention to the distinguished panel of potential investors known as “the sharks” on ABC’s popular show, Shark Tank, on Friday, February 20. The show airs at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT on ABC and Chicago investors/supporters Clean Energy Trust, the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and Com Ed are hosting a Shark Tank viewing party to find out if the Chicago entrepreneurs make a deal… or not.

Originally designed to provide relief and safety at night in areas of the world hit by natural disasters, LuminAID has gone on to become a reliable resource of light for any nighttime occasion. When charged outside in direct sun for seven hours, the light can provide up to 16 hours of LED light and features two settings – low and high. LuminAID lanterns are 100 percent waterproof making them a safety tool, as much as an accessory for outdoor adventure or entertaining.

The Road to Shark Tank

When architecture graduate students Anna Stork and Andrea Sreshta were asked to design a product to assist post-earthquake relief efforts in Haiti, they considered the dangerous conditions at night in
the tent cities and turned their attention to a critical need: Light. They designed the LuminAID light to help keep women and children safe at night. The outcome was so revolutionary, they quickly knew they had developed a unique product and quickly filed for patent rights.

Almost immediately, others took notice. Shortly after graduating architecture school in 2011, Stork and Sreshta launched a crowdfunding campaign to bring their invention to market. They raised over 10X their initial goal and sold to customers in more than 20 different countries. They launched their first product officially in 2012 and sought additional financing through business plan competitions and grants.

LuminAID won the Social New Venture Challenge (SNVC) at University of Chicago Booth’s Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation in 2012 and participated in the Polsky Center’s Entrepreneurship Internship Program in Summer 2013.

LuminAID later competed as a student team finalist in the 2013 Clean Energy Trust’s Clean Energy Challenge, the Midwest’s leading clean energy accelerator program. The company won the $100,000 early stage prize. LuminAID invested this in scaling up production to meet growing demand for the product and growing their team in Chicago.

“Being invited onto Shark Tank was a dream come true for us,” said Andrea Sreshta, LuminAID Co-Founder. “As female entrepreneurs, we were fans of the show first. And now, we owe so much to ABC and the entire Shark Tank team for pushing us to take our products to a new level. We’re so excited for the future of LuminAID.”

Chicago Institutions Host LuminAID Shark Tank Viewing Party Clean Energy Trust, the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business, The Polsky Center and ComEd will host a Shark Tank viewing party on Friday, Feburary 20th to show their support and celebrate Chicago’s newest entrepreneurial venture, LuminAID. Doors open at 7 p.m. and guests will enjoy complimentary pizza, wine and beer before watching the Shark Tank episode live. Following the LuminAID segment, Amy Francetic of CET will moderate a Q&A panel discussion with Anna Stork and Andrea Sreshta.

RSVP for the viewing party here.

What’s Next for LuminAID?

America will have to tune in to Shark Tank on Friday, February 20th on ABC at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT to find out if one of “the sharks” invests in LuminAID, but in the meantime, consumers can visit to see the full selection of solar-powered lights, including some new additions.

LuminAID recently expanded to include The Pack Line by LuminAID featuring three compact solar lanterns that pack flat and charge on the go: the PackLite 16, the PackLite 12, and the color-changing PackLite Spectra. All of LuminAID’s solar lights are waterproof, 100% PVC-free, and weigh less than 4oz. They have been used by first responders in Haiti, the Philippines, Kashmir, and in over 40 countries for humanitarian or emergency aid through LuminAID’s Give Light, Get Light program.

“When we created LuminAID's original solar inflatable light as students, we knew we eventually wanted to extend the technology to new shapes and performance parameters for different applications. It is exciting to take things to the next level and introduce three new lights,” said Anna Stork, LuminAID Co- Founder. “We are looking forward to working with our emergency aid customers to see the potential impact these higher performing products can have, and to also see how all of our customers will use these new shapes and lighting options for camping, emergency preparedness, and recreational use." LuminAID is sold online at, as well as on and can be found in select retail stores like BassPro Shops and L.L. Bean. 

About LuminAID

When we think of our most basic human needs, we often think of food, water and shelter. But when architecture graduate students Anna Stork and Andrea Sreshta were asked to design a product to assist post-earthquake relief efforts in Haiti, they considered the dangerous conditions at night in the tent cities and turned their attention to another critical need: light. They designed the LuminAID light to be easily distributed in time of need by packing and shipping flat. To date, through partnerships with NGO’s and relief organizations, LuminAID has assisted thousands of women and children by providing access to light in dangerous situations. Through the Give Light, Get Light program, people who purchase a special LuminAID light for themselves and simultaneously sponsor one to help make light more accessible and sustainable for all.

An individual LuminAID light retails for $19.95 and is sold at specialty retail store or via or The Give Light, Get Light package retails for $27.95.

About the Founders

Anna Stork and Andrea Sreshta met while studying architecture and design in graduate school. They shared an interest in solar lighting technology and a common belief that design and design thinking can be used to solve problems at a global scale, including improved access to basic resources such as lighting and power. From there, LuminAID was born.


Announcing the Pack Line!

February 01, 2015

When we created LuminAID's original solar inflatable light as students, we knew we eventually wanted to extend the technology to new shapes and performance parameters for different applications. It is exciting to take things to the next level and introduce three new lights in the Pack Line: the PackLite 16, the PackLite 12, and the PackLite Spectra. These products are all available for preorder in our shop now -- the PackLite 16 will start shipping next week, and the PackLite 12 and PackLite Spectra will ship in late March. The PackLite 16 is the new and updated version of our original light -- it has double the wattage, an extra-bright mode, and a 32+ hour emergency flash.  The PackLite 12 and PackLite Spectra use a brand new shape -- a cube-shaped lantern with a twist-to-close feature and adjustable handle.  The PackLite 12 provides up to 12 hours of light, with a 32+ hour emergency flash as well, and the PackLite Spectra changes colors.  We are excited to extend our technology in these new directions and can't wait to hear what you think!

The latest update in our Notes from the Field series comes from Mr. George Babatye, who manages ChildFund's Uganda Office.  Mr. Babatye helped LuminAID customer Dave distribute LuminAID lights to the children of the Katenge School in Uganda.  Dave sponsors a little girl named Edisa at the school, and sent her a LuminAID light.  Dave then worked with LuminAID and ChildFund to send more lights to her school in Uganda.


The children received lights and brought them home to their families, where they helped reduce the usage of dangerous kerosene lamps.  Mr. Babatye writes: "the children use the light for reading and other general household work like using it while cooking, bathing at night, preparing the beds. ...Families testified that they can now access light for longer periods which was not the case before since sometimes they would be in darkness due to lack of kerosene. In a month many families said they now save up to about 2 liters which is about 5000 shillings i. e 2 dollars per family which is used on other necessities like soap, sugar, salt. Other families reported that they will progressively save and use the savings on fees and purchase of hens and goats for rearing so that in future, their children get fees. The beauty with the light is that it is moveable and can be used even under the rain, wind which is very common in these parts of the world."

Edisa receiving a LuminAID light with her father
Thank you to Dave, George, and Edisa for helping bring light to the children of the Katenge School and their families!  

Learn more about ChildFund and the work they do to support children around the world here:

Do you have a relationship with a charity that could use lights to do good?  Contact for more information on our Give Light, Get Light program and the subsidies that we provide for charities and fundraisers.

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