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The Salaam Cultural Museum (SCM), a volunteer-based NGO from Seattle, is working to provide needed help and supplies to refugees who have crossed the perilous Mediterranean and finally arrive -- largely without supplies -- in Greece.  As the refugees continue their journey with limited access to necessities, lightweight and waterproof LuminAID solar lights mean that access to light at least is always in hand.
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LuminAID is proud to announce selection as one of 20 American small business owners to receive a $100,000 Mission Main Street Grant from JP Morgan Chase! Thank you to all of our supporters who have helped us along the way. This funding will help us expand LuminAID and our projects worldwide. We have so many people to thank! Read More

The latest installment in our Notes from the Field series comes from Hannah Marqusee, a Peace Corps volunteer in Nepal. Hannah recently coordinated the distribution of donated lights from the Give Light, Get Light program, and shares how LuminAID lanterns have helped students in the village continue their studies, and have provided a safe lighting alternative to candles and kerosene as the village looks to rebuild. 
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PackLite 16: Revamped

August 20, 2015

PackLite 16  

LuminAID Packlite 16 Updates

The latest and greatest PackLite 16 is here, featuring a charging indicator, amped-up LEDs, thicker TPU, and a longer-lasting battery.

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Summer Weekend Bucket List

August 13, 2015

Summer weekends are great for some well-deserved refresh and relaxation. How will you be enjoying your last few summer weekends? The LuminAID Team offers their favorite ideas.

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We are excited to be hosting a happy hour this year at Outdoor Retailer along with some of our friends! 

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The latest installment in our Notes from the Field series comes from Ian Gorecki, who a Peace Corps Volunteer in Madagascar.  Ian recently coordinated the distribution of LuminAID lights to artisans in the Androy region of Madagascar, and shares the impact the lights have had on this community.  In an area with limited resources and infrastructure, LuminAID lights have brightened prospects for the women of Tsimankiarake, Madagascar. Read More
LuminAID Team on Shark TankEveryone’s getting the bright idea: hikers in Yosemite, backpackers in Whistler, and emergency workers in Nepal alike use LuminAID to light their way. Even the reality investment show ABC’s Shark Tank found the LuminAID vision irresistible, and invited Anna and Andrea on the show for a chance to premiere their product on primetime.
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luminaid-give-light-get-light-nepalThank you to all of our Give Light, Get Light supporters!  We have been amazed by the outpouring of support that we received after the Nepal Earthquake in April.  Your contributions have helped LuminAID distribute over 1,000 lights to earthquake relief efforts in Nepal, with many more on the way. Read More
The Kathmandu Post reported that up to 70% of houses in rural areas have been destroyed close to the epicentre in Gorkha. We're working with our partner organizations on the ground to distribute LuminAID lights to those homeless and without electricity.
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