1x Titan + 1x Speaker
Sunfox and Titan by the pool
Sunfox Speaker shown in water
Sunfox Speaker shown used with Bluetooth
Titan shown in water
Titan shown being used to charge a phone

Titan + Speaker Bundle

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Light, Power, and Sound? Rock out on your next camping trip, or relax under the stars with this bundle that combines our two newest products.

About the Sunfox Solar Speaker: The Sunfox Solar Speaker is a compact, waterproof solar speaker. Connect your phone with Bluetooth and listen anywhere you go. The Sunfox speaker is lightweight, and infinitely portable. It provides up to 20 hours of audio playback on a full charge and can be charged by solar power or micro-USB input (cord included).

About the PackLite Titan: Our newest and most versatile product, the PackLite Titan is the LuminAID for all adventures, by night or by day. Featuring an all-new Twist-to-Inflate design, red light mode, our biggest battery, and up to 100 hours of light, the Titan is the perfect 2-in-1 solar phone charger and camping lantern.

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