Using app to change color for lantern. 1 bloomio and 2 twist lanterns on patio.
2 twists and 1 bloomio.
Bundle of lanterns on presents lighting up in holiday colors white, red, and green.
Man at party using app to change lantern color. 1 bloomio, 2 twists.
2 twists floating in a pool with different colors.
Bloomio gem lights up purple on a beautiful beach sunset.
2 twists and 1 bloomio on a patio.

Bloomio Solar Garden Bundle

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Instantly upgrade your outdoor living space with our fun and sustainable Bloomio lanterns!  Use your phone to set the colors, and schedule the lights to turn on and off.

This bundle includes:


    The first ever LuminAID product line to feature Bluetooth connectivity through our free app, Bloomio debuts tons of cool new features that you never thought were possible for portable lights. We created the Solar Garden Bundle so that you can fully enjoy the experience of owning the smartest lights out there.

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