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US Minimum Advertised Price Policy


LuminAID Lab, LLC (“LuminAID”) has adopted the following Minimum Advertised Price (“MAP”) policy for all LuminAID products.  LuminAID’s goal in establishing this policy is to preserve our reputation with customers as a manufacturer of high-quality and durable outdoor goods.  We have identified certain types of advertising as damaging to our brand’s reputation and goodwill, and confusing to consumers looking for high-quality products.

LuminAID appreciates the support of our brand from our dealers who advertise our products as high-performing and of a value at or above our Minimum Advertised Price.  It is our experience that consistent pricing results in more profit for all dealers over the long term.

1.      LuminAID intends to sell its products only to dealers that do not advertise its products below the MAP as set forth in this document.  LuminAID will not do business with any dealer that knowingly violates the MAP policy.

2.      Dealers may advertise LuminAID products at or above the Minimum Advertised Price listed at the bottom of this document, and may advertise a higher MSRP than the MAP, as long as the listed price available to consumers is at or above MAP.

a.      For the purposes of the MAP policy, “advertising” includes any advertising through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, billboards, newspapers, magazines, catalogues, brochures, retail flyers, online forums, e-commerce, and any dealer sites or internet sites which direct users to a web-based shopping cart.

3.      LuminAID may choose to enforce this policy through actions up to and including termination of a dealer that advertises any LuminAID product below the MAP set forth in the following document.

4.      LuminAID will use a “one strike policy” in regards to MAP violations, wherein dealers violating MAP will first be notified that they have violated LuminAID’s MAP policy.  LuminAID will terminate relationships with a dealer that continues to violate LuminAID’s MAP policy after notification, or that later violates MAP policy again after a period of compliance.

5.       LuminAID reserves the right to change MAP pricing, and will make updated pricing available through sales reps, who can be reached at sales@luminaid.com.

6.      Multipacks and multi-product bundles should have a value equal to or higher than the MAP value of the included LuminAID products.  (ex: 3 lights with a $19.95 value must be included in a package worth at least $59.85)

7.      It will NOT be a violation to advertise that a customer can “call for a price,” contact the dealer directly for additional discounts, or to provide discounts that can only be accessed through a selective member log-in, as long as the dealer does not include any advertised price below MAP and otherwise complies with this MAP policy.  Additionally, it will not be a violation to offer rebates or product­-specific discounts that can be applied via a coupon code, as long as the list price of the item remains at or above MAP.

LuminAID will monitor compliance with this policy.  Questions about whether a planned advertisement is in violation of LuminAID’s MAP policy can be directed to LuminAID’s sales team, at sales@luminaid.com, or (312) 600-8997.


Product Name



Original LuminAID Light (Discontinued)



LuminAID PackLite 16



LuminAID PackLite 12



LuminAID PackLite Spectra (2015-16 Model) LUM-PL12S  $19.99

LuminAID PackLite Spectra (2017 Model)



LuminAID PackLite Nova LUM-PLNV $14.99
LuminAID PackLite Max LUM-PLMX $29.99

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