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LuminAID Ambassadors

LuminAID Brand Ambassador are passionate about outdoor adventure, travel, and LuminAID’s humanitarian mission. We partner with inspiring individuals through our Brand Ambassador Program to help us teach potential customers about LuminAID, spread the word about LuminAID’s mission, inspire people by sharing stories about our amazing ambassadors, and encourage everyone to go outdoors and explore! To do this, we look for socially-conscious adventurers doing amazing things that can help us create meaningful content.


Tiffany Nguyen

I'm a 28 year old dentist from Redondo Beach, California that has a serious addiction to adventuring. When I'm out exploring, I'm constantly inspired by nature and love capturing my favorite moments outside.

Favorite place to explore: Iceland is definitely my favorite place I've explored so far. There's something truly special about this place that you just have to experience for yourself!

Michael Henitiuk

I'm a backcountry skier from Whistler, B.C Canada. A few years ago I noticed and asked my friend about her LuminAID light on a Zeal shoot we did in Tahoe. I've always been super interested in cool little gadgets and lights, and yours peaked my interest. When I was last in Boulder for another product shoot, we all received a LuminAID light in a goodie bag Zeal put together for our camping trip. Since that trip, I've brought my light with my on every adventure that I would possibly use the light. I just got back from a trip in Central America where we were mostly camping and used the light a lot. People are always interested in the light and I would gladly show and explain how it worked (even in the day light, hah). 

Favorite place to explore: Skiing in Alaska has been a dream of mine since I was a kid, I had the opportunity to drive up there this April. As I crossed the boarder into Haines, Alaska with a sigh of relief I had finally made it! There's something special that happens in these mountains and I feel honored to have just made it here, let alone be skiing in this terrain. The mountains are truly endless and that alone has given me a hunger to continue to explore this area for years to come.

Alexandra Loeb

By profession, I am a fashion stylist and creative director and my off-hour passions lie in travel, art, and photography.   I fuel my urge for adventure whenever my schedule permits.  I firmly believe that exposing oneself to all opportunities to see new places, meet new people and experience new cultures are the best life lessons. Through my travels, I constantly find new inspiration in nature and from the people I meet.  I believe in living in color, vibrantly. 

At the moment, my favorite place to explore is Canada’s Pacific North West. Until recently, I had only seen British Columbia during ski season. But, after spending several months there this past summer, I am blown away by its raw beauty and the diversity of its climates and cultures.

HB Mertz

HB Mertz is a 22 year-old recent college graduate who has spent the summer traveling the country and photographing everything from the sand dunes in Death Valley to the tallest peaks in the Rockies. A few years ago, a trip to Big Sur and Yosemite solidified his love for adventure, the outdoors, and capturing the landscapes of the West. His photography likes to incorporate the use of vibrant color, unique perspective, and people in order to display the immense size of the world. At this time, he is temporarily residing in his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA, but will be back West soon.  

His favorite place to explore is the American Southwest, primarily Zion National Park. The landscapes found here are some of the most unique in the world, and could take years of exploring without ever having the same experience.