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In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, the island of Puerto Rico is without electricity and lives in darkness. With the help of all of us, Casa Pueblo, an award-winning environmental organization seated within the central mountain region of Puerto Rico will LIGHT UP the rural mountainside starting with the city of Adjuntas. Together, we can quickly bring relief to those living in darkness by enabling access to solar energy.

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1.6 billion people around the world lack proper access to electricity. Many of these people are forced to rely upon dangerous, toxic, and expensive kerosene lanterns as their primary source of light. Through our Give Light, Get Light program, we partner with NGOs and non-profits all over the world to distribute LuminAID lights to individuals who will greatly benefit from a safe, rechargeable light source.
LuminAID's solar lanterns are in use in over 100 countries around the world, thanks to supporters like you!
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